Wednesday, March 27, 2013

piCture pOlish - Atomic

Hey guys! I messed up this week and I missed PP Monday... And then also what could have been PP Tuesday... So now it is PP Wednesday!
I'm just not feeling well enough right now to always paint my nails but hopefully I am starting new medications next week that should be my miracle drug! Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

So here's this week's piCture pOlish installment.

piCture pOlish - Atomic
This shade was created with the lovely Sarah of Samarium's Swatches. 
Atomic is a platinum silver shimmer, with crazy holographic shimmer particles and I feel like I can see a bit of a pinky sheen to it at times as well. There's no glitter, so it's totally smooth and perfect. It's very complex and definitely deserves to be seen in person! Please check out Sarah's own swatches of her shade, because she has some amazing macro shots of the polish!

I wanted to do some nail art over Atomic, but couldn't decide what to do. I was talking to a different Sarah (Chalkboard Nails) and she made a great suggestion: "Duh, atoms."

I guess it is sort of a loose interpretation of chains of atoms, but I think it turned out kinda cute! And kinda silly, for sure.
I stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM-313 and then added the atoms with piCture pOlish - Jade and piCture pOlish - Wisteria.

What do you think of my silly Atomic atoms?

piCture pOlish is available at as well as with lots of other network members around the world. Check out the Network list for a full rundown of the places you can find PP!

Stay tuned next week for another gorgeous shade!

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  1. I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I really hope the new meds work out.

    As for the polish it is gorgeous! I really like the atom pattern. It is super cute

  2. The atoms are adorable!! It's a lovely polish, I hope you get well soon :)

  3. That a beautiful polish. And I love the atoms :)

  4. Cute! Hope you get well soon (: <3

  5. 1.) amazing polish and 2.) what the f! your nail art is amazing! I really like this!!!!! :)

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