Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Join the Gel II Reaction Revolution!

Hey everyone! Today I've got something a little different to feature - gel polish!

I've been working with gel enhancements and gel polish for almost two years now, doing some nails for friends and family and I even spent some time working in a professional salon. Recently I was given the chance to try out a new gel system called Gel II, and they have some seriously amazing products! I'm really excited to share them with you today. 

Color-changing gel polish! So cool. 
"The Reaction collection has twelve temperature‐activated colors that transform depending on your body heat. Brilliant bold colors when nails are cold and softer warm hues when nails are warm. The possibilities are endless with the wide range of colors varying from lucid black to soft pale pinks."

But the coolest thing about Gel II is that you don't need to use basecoat, bond-aid, or other primers! You start with color directly on your nail (2 coats) and finish with Gel II Shine Xtreme Topcoat. This saves time and also saves you money because you don't need to buy as many products! Haha. 
You do, of course, need a UV or LED lamp to cure the gel.

Gel II - Hula Tallulah
I love how the temperature changing effect creates a cute ombre or french manicure depending on your temperature!

When warm, this color is a fuchsia pink. But when cold...

Dark purple!

The change is so drastic! And unlike most color-changing polishes I have tried, it is actually always changing. You don't need to be playing in hot and cold water to see the effects. It really works!

My mom is currently wearing Hula Tallulah as her manicure, and I added some cute nail decals. The woman will not stop looking at her nails! She checks to see what color they are every few minutes.

Every color that this changes to is beautiful. We are having so much fun with our changing nails.
(My mom thinks her hands look too old to post! Quick! Tell her they are fine!)

Apparently my middle finger warms up faster than the others? Haha!

Gel II - Tequila Sunrise
Candy apple red! But what does this one turn to...?

Sheer pink! I find it really interesting how the red is totally opaque but the pink is sheer. Really cool!

It's so much fun to watch as it changes color.

In fact... I've made a video!

I am a bad video-maker but I hope this did the trick!

Overall, I am seriously loving these Reaction gel polishes. The quality seems to be the same as all other gel systems I have used, it gives you a great shiny manicure for 2-3 weeks, and of course I really enjoy how there is no basecoat needed. It soaks off quickly and easily and leaves no damage to your nail.
One thing I will note is that these gels do seem to have a stronger smell than other gel products I have worked with. It doesn't bother me, but if you have a sensitive nose you might be turned off by that.

The rest of the colors in the line look fantastic too and I would love to get my hands on some more for me and my friends and family (mom especially!) to enjoy. 

But wait! There's more... A contest!
Gell II is having a contest on their Facebook page for people already rockin' some Reaction gel polishes.

For all contest details and rules go to the contest tab on the Gel II Facebook page.
I've gotta work on my entry!

And one last thing... 

They're on sale! :D

Product provided for honest review.


  1. I am seriously in love with Hula Tallulah, what a great color combo! And your mom's hands and nails are lovely!

  2. (Erm, I'm from an Asian background, so as a respect I will refer to your Mom as Aunt, but let me know if your Mom prefers otherwise..)

    So, HI AUNTY!!! *waves* Your hands looks amazing! Honest words from the heart! Beautiful skin tone coupled with beautifully manicured nails! :D I'm glad Rebecca featured you in her post today! :)

    Haha, Rebecca! Colour changing nails are always so fun to play with! Kinda like the best kinda of plain polish to wear, just to see the colours change in and out of cold environments! I remember purposely ordering cold drink just so I could see the changing happen outside! XD

  3. Wuuuutt these polishes are insane!! That video wow... they change so fast and so drastically!! Your mom has nice hands and lovely nails too! :)

  4. This is amazing! Not sure I could wear these for fear of looking at my nails all day. Your video is mesmerising :)

  5. Wow that video my jaw drop! What a drastic change!

  6. I have been seriously looking into gels. Glad you did this post. Your moms nails are beautiful and her hands are too!

    Question: Do you think without wearing a base the gel cause the nails to yellow over time?

    1. ...also did you use a topcoat?

    2. Glad you asked, yes, you use topcoat with these gels! I will edit the post to mention that.

      And good question - I'm not positive about the yellowing, but if I were to guess, it wouldn't make a big difference whether you are using base or not because the yellowing usually happens from lack of oxygen to the nail, not from the product itself. So whether there is basecoat or color coat touching your nail, the results should be the same.
      That being said, my mom has been wearing gel polish constantly for over a year now, and she has zero yellowing!

      If you've got any other gel questions, feel free to email me! I'm good at babbling on about different gels I've tried :)

  7. I love these! So much fun. I've never tried gel before though, can you use any topcoat with it or just the gel one? Are they hard to work with?

    I wish my mom would let me do her nails! That's adorable :)

    1. You have to use gel topcoat, yes. I suppose technically you could put a polish topcoat on, but that isn't going to give you the longevity of a full gel manicure! Don't forget, the gel has to be cured in UV or LED lamps.

    2. Oh I see, I didn't realize this was the same stuff as the UV polishes. Still, definitely something I want to experiment with! Thanks for the response!

  8. wow look at that change! all 4 colors are gorgeous!!

  9. Gosh I love color changing polishes, but never imagined they could change this much! I need some of these, lol.

  10. Have you uses the LeChat color changing polishes? Just wondering how they compare :)

  11. Gorgeous! Really love the change, they look stunning in all colours! Do tell your mum that her hands look beautiful with or without polish! ^^ <3

  12. All I can say about those polishes...SO COOL! I think im in love <3 lol. I have a question, just wondering does the colour changing last the entire mani? Or does it stop after a few days? :)

    P.S your mum has beautiful hands :)

  13. I've been looking for some colour change gel polishes! These are fab especially the purple ! Are they available in Uk? Your mums hands and nails look fabulous. Bless her !

    1. I believe their site only ships to the US and Canada but you should shoot them an email about international distribution!

    2. Thanks Rebecca ! I ll do that ! Got to get my hands on these ! :)

  14. That is really cool - thanks for including the video!

  15. Wow, all I could think in the pictures (before you disclosed your mom's concerns) is both you and your mom have such beautifully, perfectly manicured hands! I'm a firm believer that any and every age/color/shape/etc is beautiful. When someone takes the time to love and take care of their body, how can it not be beautiful?
    PS--I will be checking these polishes out! I wonder how a pedicure would work with these...

  16. These are so pretty! I wish I had nice nails to be able to do this with! I found your blog through a couple of your friends - Megan & Heidi! We were chatting about blogs this morning b/c I blog, too, and they mentioned how well you've done w/ yours. Are you in St John's, too?


  17. Totally love this product but $15 SHIPPING to Canada is just entirely too much. I won't be ordering this product with that kind of crazy shipping cost. Too bad because it's an awesome product. :(

  18. Replies
    1. hmm, it still works for me.
      here's the direct link:

  19. You have to be licensed to buy these? Awwww :(

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    I am hoping to check out the same high-grade blog posts from you in the future as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has motivated me to get my own, personal blog now 😉