Sunday, April 28, 2013

two random glitter bombs


Sometimes, when I'm fooling around with new polishes, I end up just layering a bunch of them together to see what happens.

This one is so beautiful but sadly it was just too many coats and it was taking too long to fully set, and I took it off. :(
Here's what it consists of:
American Apparel - Hunter (2 coats)
piCture pOlish - Festival (3 coats)
Shimmer Polish - Jenny (1 coat)
OPI - Yule Love This Silver (1 coat)

Sparkly and greeeeeen. So purdy.

Here's another random mix that was on my other hand at some point last week:

I love this more every time I see the second photo!
The base here is OPI - Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees Suede, and on top I layered two new glitters.
Hard Candy - Party Central
Hard Candy - So So Sequin
I'm gonna try to get swatches up of all the Hard Candy glitters that I bought at some point, but let me just tell you for now, you need these!! Loving it. So hard.

Hooray for glitter bombs!


  1. Holy crap on a cracker, that second glitterbomb, I LOVE <3 <3 <3

  2. these are both so glittery and pretty!

  3. Really like these. I do that sometimes too! Always think...hmm..let's just see what happens when i add this....ooh and this... :)