Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Serum no. 5 - Day Glow & Sky Lights (glow in the dark!)

I have another indie review for you lovelies today.
I know - I've been doing a lot of indie reviews lately. I'm gonna try to do a bigger variety of things in the coming weeks! I don't currently have much more in my review pile, so I'll get to play around with some more stuff.
(But I just love indie glitter.... okay... all glitter...)

Today's featured brand is Serum no. 5! And these babies GLOW IN THE DARK!

Serum's full-size polishes are 16.7 mL and the minis are 9mL - bigger than most! They also come in cute little boxes which always makes me feel like there must be something special inside... Hehe. That's a detail I always appreciate.

Serum no. 5 - Day Glow
Day Glow is the most popular polish from Serum, I believe. It has a very strong glow effect!
I haven't tried other GITD polishes, but apparently this is one of the strongest ones around.
This is three coats for full opacity. Make sure to give it a good shake to stir up the glow pigment and get the glowiest nails. Glowiest? Yeah. Glowiest.

Glowing!! Awesome right? I was a little bit mesmerized.
I did find that I needed to charge my nails under a bright light to get the super strong effect, and it did wear off kinda quickly, but it did glow for a long time at its less-strong level.

I really want to go to a neon party or something with this polish on!!

Serum no. 5 - Sky Lights
The second GITD polish!  This one is not a full-coverage polish, so I layered it over OPI - Don't Burst My Bubble just to cover up my stains but to allow the polish to glow to its full potential. It gives a shimmery, icy blue look to the nail. And...

It glows blue!! So cool. I didn't know this one was blue until I turned off the light and I was so happily surprised! The shimmer in the polish gives the glow a more grainy look which you can kinda see in the second photo.
For me, this one didn't last as long as the other, but still a decent amount of time!

Imagine wearing both of these in the one mani... Alternating glow colors... Must try it!

Serum no. 5 can be found in their Etsy store, $12 for full size or $9 for minis.
Currently there are a few of these GITD polishes in stock and they sell fast! So if you want em, go go go!

I will have swatches of three of their glitters up tomorrow!
Don't forget to check 'em out on Facebook and Tumblr for updates.

Product provided for honest review.


  1. Beautiful swatches! I love GITD polish...esp blue!

    I just got Day Glow in the mail today and I cannot wait to try it!

  2. two thumbs up for glow in the dark polishes that look beautiful non-GITD also!! <3

  3. that blue glow was such a surprise!

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