Saturday, April 20, 2013

new nail goodies @ Shoppers & Walmart!

Hey all! Quick post today to let my Canadian ladies know about some new nail goodies I found at Shoppers Drugmart and at Walmart.

Shoppers first:

I may be way behind with this news because I am sort of out-of-the-loop right now, but I was excited to find new things from Essence! 
They were in the permanent Essence display, below the polish.
The stampy set is "01 Be Creative!" and it was $3.99, and the decorations are "01 Fantastic Metallics" and "02 Amazing Bling Bling", $3.49 each.

I'm really excited for the plate!

A bow! And a really cute heart! Can't wait to use it.

There was more new stuff too that I didn't pick up. They are now carrying some of the Nude Glam polishes - I think there were 5 (but we all know I don't need another nude), a double-ended dotting tool, and a gel-like topcoat.

I also recently saw a new limited edition display, Vintage District.

However I totally displayed restraint and didn't buy anything! But I kinda wish I had bought the nail art decoration kit now so it could join its friends that came home with me today. Haha!

My store also had a ton of Gosh on sale for $3.50 so be sure to check out the clearance section too.

And at Walmart...

The new Hard Candy polishes!!!!! Multiple exclamation marks!!!!!!
Canadian Walmarts never carried their polish before so I basically did a happy dance in the aisle when I found them. And by "basically did a happy dance" I mean "actually did a happy dance" and my mom judged me.

I showed IMMENSE RESTRAINT by not buying all of them. And I picked up seven.

Good thing my mom was there judging me, or else I would have probably gotten a lot more.
They were $3.97 each or .96 or something. 

So, Canadian ladies, are you running to your stores right now?! You should be! Get your goodies!


  1. AMAZING POST and info....good restraind as 7 can easily become 17 lol

    thanks for the post!

  2. I saw the Hard Candy ones last week and fell in love with the Gummy Green but since I had already bought a number of polishes that day I put off buying it for awhile.

  3. ahhh! as soon as I can walk again I'm goinnnggggggg :D

  4. I saw those displays too! I picked up the polishes from the essence displey as well as the nail decorations! I need that stamping plate, I love the heart.

  5. I've been waiting to see a post about the Essence nail art. I picked them up a few weeks ago. I have yet to find the Hard Candy polishes at a Walmart near me though. I will keep an eye out!!

  6. That Hard Candy display is AMAZING and I'm so jealous! (I can't get those in Europe :c)

  7. so nice, if I ever travel to canada, I want to go shopping with you!!!

  8. Wow awesome finds!! I can NEVER find the stamping plates when I go to shoppers drugmart! So annoying.. lol!

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish

    Ps. I just started my own nail polish line, check it out: Beyond the Nail.

  9. I tried the essence plates about 6 months ago and they weren't very good. Maybe it was the polish I was using & it was a different plate. Please do a review for us!