Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sonoma Nail Art - Pink Clockwork

Where in the world is Rebecca right now? On a plane to St. Louis... I'll be back soon! But there are posts scheduled, never fear, I am never too far away.

Today's polish - a special glitter from a special friend!
I love Michelle from Sonoma Nail Art and her beautiful creations.

Sonoma Nail Art - Pink Clockwork
I bought this polish from my phone while visiting my uncle in a hospital in Toronto. Dedication. HAHA.

Here I've layered it over OPI - I Theodora You, a pretty pale pink to help set off the glitter.
I've got the whole Oz The Great And Powerful collection from OPI and I will have swatches of all of those up at some point after I return home!

All kinds of pretty pink glitters and some silver, too! One coat of topcoat and it is perfectly smooth.

So into it. I put it on within an hour of receiving it in the mail! That could be some kind of record.

Thank you Michelle for creating this pretty! Next time I think I'll layer it over black because I saw Laurie of Dressed Up Digits do that in here post here, and that's why I bought it in the first place!! Gorgeous.

You can find Sonoma Nail Art on Etsy! This one is not currently in stock but it will be back at some point.
There are so many nice ones in stock right now... Must resist...


  1. This is so sweet and pretty! Have fun on your trip!

  2. looks amazing and so sweet.
    I love the bottle design :)

  3. Very pretty! My favorite sonoma nail art glitter is mustard fields, because I adore green glitter :)

  4. Ah... que delicadeza, amei!!



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