Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection

 Press Sample
Hey guys! Today I have a fantastic new collection to show you. And they're holos!

This is the Burne-Jones Dream Collection from a-england.
It is inspired by a series of paintings from Sir Edward Burne-Jones, that depict the story of the Sleeping Beauty. (Ommorphia Beauty Bar clearly knows her stuff on this subject so check out her post for some more info on the history.)

Adina from a-england always creates magical collections with amazing formulas and great background histories. Ready to see the swatches?

a-england - Rose Bower
This is a beautiful red with a subtle holographic effect. The holo in this one is the weakest of the collection, but it still adds a great glow-from-within and makes this polish unlike any other that I own.
The formula is wonderful - you can totally get away with one thicker coat but I did two thin ones for photos.

a-england - Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)
This is a dusty, rosy red, with a very strong holographic effect. I love this one! The color seemed a little washed out in the bottle but once on the nail, it came to life.
As with the first polish, you could likely get away with one thick coat, but I did two thin ones.
Totally unique in my collection.

a-england - Fated Prince
This is like a cross between charcoal and olive with a fairly strong holographic effect. It has definite green-tones but in some lights they disappear. I didn't really notice its green hue until it was on my nails. It's gorgeous! Polish-lovers seem to go nuts for greens - this one will be no different.
This polish is a bit thinner than the others and definitely needs two coats, but it is still a totally amazing formula and has no application issues. Perfect! And again, completely unique.

a-england - Sleeping Palace
This one is my favorite of the four - a beautiful purple-toned smoky gray with a strong holographic effect. The formula is perfection. I could have stopped after the first coat but added a second to be completely flawless.
I wore this one as a full manicure and it felt very sophisticated but still fun. And as with the previous polishes, it is unique and I own nothing else like it.

I thought these four colors went really well together, so I did a nice tape mani to display all four!

When I do tape manicures, I make sure my base has been dry for a long time (usually overnight) before adding any tape for subsequent colors. If you don't, you end up pulling off some of your base color.
These polishes are all so opaque that it makes a tape mani really easy! I can see myself using these for more tape manicures in the future.

a-england polishes are always crowd-pleasers, and these ones will be no different.
A fifth addition to this collection will be coming out in the near future!

If you're in the UK, you can buy direct from a-england, but if you're elsewhere in the world, click here to check out a list of international distributors.
I got mine from Nail Polish Canada, where each polish retails for $10.80 each or $32.40 for the four-piece set! Don't forget to check them out on Facebook for all their news and updates.

Hope you enjoyed these swatches and the nail art look! Which one is your fave?

Products provided for honest review.


  1. *_*!! I super love the colours and swatches! You did such a great job in showing them both under lighting and under natural lights!

    I think Fated Prince and Sleeping Palace are my favourites here! Love the tape nail art! What better way to showoff all these colours than blocking, right? Love it!!

  2. Oh dear lord. I need all of these. Right meow! Adina is such a genius.

  3. Oh my gosh, the first is my absolute favorite- what an amazing red!! But your final tape mani is just stunning! :)

  4. Ok. I'm not going to lie! When the first picture popped up I went "OHHH! I die!!!" Haha I love all of them though.

  5. SO. Jealous. Those are gorgeous!! Oh I really have to just bite the bullet and get me some a-englands! Love your quilt mani too!

  6. These are all such amazing polishes! I really love them all, but I have to say Briar Rose is my absolute favorite! Fated Prince is a close second fave! The color blocking tape mani shows them off so well! Nicely done!!! *^_^*

  7. These are all such amazing polishes! I really love them all, but I have to say Briar Rose is my absolute favorite! Fated Prince is a close second fave! The color blocking tape mani shows them off so well! Nicely done!!! *^_^*

  8. that final mani is incredibly gorgeous!

  9. So many gorgeous colors in one post!

  10. Why is it I paid $40 rom Nail canada and you're saying $32.50??? That's not cool! I love your four corner mani-so cool. I'm wearing rose bower with faited prince now but it's chipped already, the next day-did yours do that?

    1. they're on sale right now! too bad you missed it.
      i wore both Sleeping Palace and Rose Bower with no chips until the third day! i used them with Nail Envy and Seche Vite.