Friday, June 28, 2013

Maybelline Color Show - Pink Polka

The Maybellne Polka Dots collection is a trendy offering, trying to win the hearts of milky glitter lovers. I hadn't heard of the collection until I walked into a drugstore and saw the display.
When I first saw the display, it was fully stocked... Except for one row of polishes.
I said to myself, "Damn, I bet that one polish that already sold out was probably the best one!"

Turns out, I was right. I found a full display in another store and realized the one I hadn't seen yet was PINK. Immediate impulse purchase.

Maybelline - Pink Polka
For some reason, I really can't decide if I want to write a good review or a bad review for this polish. 
I love the concept, love the look, but the polish is a different shade on the nail than in the bottle (less purpley - boo) and the formula is really difficult when you factor in the not-so-stellar brush.

So... Like... I like it. But it could be better.

I think the first photo was a fluke and makes it look a bit nicer than it actually is. The following two are more accurate I think.

Don't get me wrong - it is a very nice polish and I did enjoy wearing it (plus you can't beat the $2.99 price tag.)
But I just wanted it to be more of a purple-toned color like the bottle shows and I would like the formula to be easier to work with.

That being said - I still like it enough to consider picking up the green one if I stumble upon it.

Have you picked up any of these Maybelline Polka Dots?
This was actually the first Maybelline polish I tried since their rebranding! I'll definitely pick up more if they continue to come out with fun polishes like this one. I won't let my so-so review of this one turn me off.
At least not yet... Haha!


  1. I just ordered a few of these today. I opted for the clear one and the blue and the black. I wish the ones with coloured based covered nail line better, but they just look so cute!

  2. I bought the clear one. I think it'll be fun and less likely to have formula issues (I hope).

  3. I have the blue and the green - I haven't worn the green yet but the blue is pretty nice, although the black glitter doesn't show up that well in it. For some reason the pink one just didn't grab me!

  4. It's super pretty! Shame it looks so different in the bottle, though.

  5. haven't seen them yet but now I've seen them here I want them! Love it! Too bad you were a bit dissapointed!

  6. I have all of them and I love them! Making sure the glitter doesn't clump at the end of the nail can be a task, But they're great! xx

  7. I saw these in stores last week and passed on them. I feel like I like the idea but I wouldn't actually like the polish.... weird. LOL

  8. I suppose it'd look much better if layered over some plum/dark purple?

  9. Hey,
    this looks awesome :)

  10. Everybody's swatches of these just make me want them more and more. So pretty.

  11. I received this one from their PR and I thought it was one of the worst polishes ever. It is so thick and I really don't like the look...

  12. I'm wearing Pink Polka right now, and I have the same thoughts as you about it. Was definately expecting it to be more purple

  13. So I saw this at the store and passed it by because it was more purple toned. On the nail though its more me. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I like the bright pink better! Since it's so sheer, I'd love to see if you layered it over a purple. Or maybe a light blue to make purple. :D


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