Sunday, June 30, 2013

june haul

Ah yes the monthly haul post. My monthly shame. Punctuated by some of my Instagram photos.

My name is Rebecca and I am vulnerable around clearance sales. Oh boy.
My favorite drugstores had some fantastic deals.

They had the OPI So So Skullicious mini set (+ nail decals) for $4.50:
OPI - Hi, Pumpkin! (mini)
OPI - Candlelight (mini)
OPI - A-Rose From The Dead (mini)
OPI - Mourning Glory (mini)

They had the OPI James Bond magnetic sets for only FIVE DOLLARS each (regular $20+) and single polishes for $1.88!!
OPI - Is That Silva?
OPI - Bond... James Bond
OPI - Morning, MoneyPenny
OPI - The World Is Not Enough

There were some more sets for $5, two of which snagged me a polish and an OPI lip gloss, and another with two polishes and a fancy blinged-out pen:
OPI - Yodel Me On My Cell
OPI - I Saw... U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw
OPI - Roadhouse Blues
(Gave the fourth polish in this section to a friend!)

Hold on, girl, is that an Essie set for $5?! Two polishes and a glass file?!

Essie - Merino Cool
Essie - Pure Pearlfection

Wait a second, Nicole by OPI for $3.99?!
Nicole by OPI - Sweet Dream
Nicole by OPI - Mi Fantasia

Well since I've gone this far... I might as well buy this one Maybelline that looks nice for $1.50.
Maybelline Color Show - Denim Dash

After this massive haul (that also included some other makeup which I won't post about to preserve what dignity I have left) I only bought a few more things this month at regular price. I hate regular price.
Sally Hansen - S-teal A Base
Maybelline - Pink Polka
Nicole by OPI - I Lilac Gumdrops
Nicole by OPI - That's What I Mint

I happily reviewed the Burne-Jones Dream collection from a-england and my friends at Nail Polish Canada:
a-England - Rose Bower
a-England - Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)
a-England - Fated Prince
a-England - Sleeping Palace

I did a review for LAV Lacquer:
LAV Lacquer - Neon Love
LAV Lacquer - Blue Matter
LAV Lacquer - Purple Matter
LAV Lacquer - One In A Million
LAV Lacquer - Princess Diaries

And last but not least... SHOPPERS DRUGMART HAS NAILS INC?! Take my money. Just take it.

Nails Inc. - Cherry Road
Sooooooo... Not bad, right? Wrong...

My monthly hauls might have to start including makeup. Uhoh. I'm such a hoarder.



  1. I dare not do a post like this because I would shame myself, lol. At least you got some great deals!

  2. The Archie girls lipstick *swoon I want the pink shade! x

  3. Gosh! Which drugstore do you shop at, I have never seen such amazing deals on OPI?! This is an awesome haul! I find myself avoiding doing monthly haul posts because I don't want to give myself a heart attack :P

    1. a local store called Lawton's Drugstore. sometimes salons mark down their opi as well!

  4. Haha, great post! I'm a sale shopper, too.

  5. Wow, you found some great offers. I like your picks.

  6. I can totally relate. When it comes to sales I have no willpower, lol.

  7. Oh my God Shopper's has Nails Inc?! You're right; take my money. Just take it all now.

  8. that's amazing. in italy we can't imagine that this sales exist...
    maybe I will be travelling to the states, do you know if I can find there the same drugstores that you have in canada?
    thank you so much, sorry for the bad english ^^

    1. no, not the same stores. but i'm sure they have good ones too! :)

  9. I love your haul posts too much. I haven't bought polish in so much because I live vicariously through you lol. And you got some amazing deals even! :)

    Anyway I'd love to see your makeup hauls too!

  10. i can't resist a np sale, either. i wish my store had sales on opi. and i love the essie glass file. it's my favorite. and denim dash is gorgeous! i am so glad i picked that one up on clearance. happy hauling!

    fishgirl182 @ the painted ninja


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