Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hard Candy - Black Tie Optional (+ jelly sandwich!)

Hey guys! What's one type of polish I never get tired of?

Black and white glitter!
And now our trusty Walmart is carrying a great option for those of us B&W lovers.

Hard Candy has recently revamped their polish line and holy crap is it awesome. There are so many fantastic colors and glitters and shimmers... Ah! And even better, Canadian Walmart stores are now carrying the polish!
They definitely hit a home run with this rebranding. A+!

Hard Candy - Black Tie Optional
I really love this mix of glitter, it covers well and you just need one coat and maybe a little fishing to make sure every nail has some big pieces.
This is such a fun offering from an affordable brand.

Here I layered it over China Glaze - Heat Index, so of course I needed to turn it into a jelly sandwich!

Lovey lovey love. I just did this for fun while swatching my CG Sunsational neons, so I didn't actually wear it, but I definitely need to!

Did you guys pick up any of the new polishes from Hard Candy? Perhaps you immediately bought 7 like I did? I want more...


  1. I love black and white glitter! There is nothing that could make the jelly sandwich better :)

  2. I love the new hard candy line! I love how many options they have, the candy sprinkles are my favorite :)

  3. They have always been great, and now they're even more great! Love this pairing :D

  4. The jelly sandwich is totally awesome!

  5. I have gone to my closest Wal-Mart twice now and still haven't gotten these. My resolve is slipping. I might NEED these. ;)

  6. ahhhh that's the one I was looking forward too the most and the only one I haven't been able to find! love the sandwich though!

  7. That is super pretty!! :D I'm sure this will look awesome with the other neon jellies, yumm. Thanks for sharing this winning combo Rebecca <3


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