Monday, June 24, 2013

Essie Resort Collection 2013


I love Winners. They provide me with multiple nail polishes at a reasonable price.
(...They provide me with way more clothes and shoes and accessories than I'd like to admit also. And an occasional giant cupcake holder...)

I got this Essie Resort Collection 2013 cube for $14.99. I wasn't planning on picking up any of these colors at the usual Essie price, but hey, a cute cheap cube I can go for.


Essie - First Timer
I think this one is my favorite of the set - a spring green creme.  Nice formula, I'm pretty sure this was just two coats, and it was opaque in person but I can see some streaks in the photos.
A weird thing happened however:

 no topcoat vs. with topcoat
It might be impossible to see in this photo if you aren't me... But it changes color a little when you add topcoat (or Seche Vite, at least.) It made it just a bit more yellow-toned and that annoyed me because I liked it more before it changed. Haha!

Essie - Under Where?
Hehe, I love this name. Nothing special about the polish, just a nice lilac with the usual nice Essie formula.

Essie - In The Cab-ana
I love this bright sky blue. I did my nails in a major rush when I used this color, so my application isn't perfect, but that was my fault and not the formula. If you're being more civilized with your nail painting, you can do two easy coats.

Essie - Come Here!
This is a hot red-coral that really pops. I don't think it really goes with any of the other colors in the collection - another pastel would have been more cohesive. But the color iself is pretty great! Nice and vibrant for summer. Great formula, practically a one-coater.

I'm pretty pleased with this offering from Essie! Nice springy colors (and one more summery.)

Have any of my other Canadian ladies found Essie cubes at Winners? I'm hoping to find the Naughty Nauticals cube there too because holy crap I want that whooooole collection. And not at regular price! Haha!


  1. Pretty swatches! I wish we had something like Winners - any chance to try out lots of different polishes is okay by me :)

  2. First timer looks amazing! I'm not a huge fan of green nail polishes, but that one definitely stole my heart :)

  3. I had the same problem with First Timer turning a bit yellow after putting Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat on top of it :( I didn't like the color after that at all but didn't have time to change my mani anymore :( I hope some other top coat will work with it.

  4. these colors are so gorgeous! I can see that change in color after adding top coat, how weird!

  5. Love these! Great swatches :)

  6. Amazing colors! I don't like reds but Come Here is really pretty. Essie can rock girly polishes!

  7. I loved First Timer when I got it, then I added the top coat and the same thing happened. I used Nubar Diamont. From what I hear, it happens with every top coat. I ended up returning it, but I picked up In the Cab-ana the other day because I looove blues! :)

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