Friday, June 14, 2013

neon skittles!

Hey guys! Short post from me tonight with a cute skittle mani.

As I've said before, I cannot stop wearing my Sunsational Collection from China Glaze! If you missed the swatches, check them out here.
These three shades were calling to me one day, and they look great together!

The pinky and index finger are China Glaze - Sun of a Peach.
The thumb and ring finger are China Glaze - Neon & On & On.
The middle finger is China Glaze - Bottoms Up.
I mixed the colors differently on my other hand.

I was planning to stamp something on top of these, but ended up just leaving it alone because I liked the colors so much!

I almost feel like I need backups of all the cremes from this collection... But I'll resist. Maybe.


  1. OMG i love this!! really cute and bright!

  2. Ahhh stoppit stoppit you're making me want these so bad! I *just* finished looking at your swatches and now this :P

  3. OMG.. I need all of these :) My favourite is china glaze's flip flop fantasy.. but these ones might be better :)

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish

  4. these look so good together. i may cave and get the collection.

    fishgirl182 @ the painted ninja

  5. Thanks for your post Rebecca! Was looking for swatches of Neon & On & On and it was really helpful that you swatched it beside other colours since I have Bottoms Up, so it was a great comparison! :)


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