Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 china glaze swatches + epic nail mail

Hi guys! Late post from me today because my internet service provider was completely down all over the province. TV, too. (Some people are unlucky enough to have home phone or cellular with the same company, and they were totally cut off from society! Haha! Thankfully my cellphone was working so I was able to stay in touch a bit.)

I wanted to have a swatch marathon today but my plans were ruined by the weather - no sun means no holos, and I want to swatch my holos!!
So instead of new exciting swatches, I'm going to show you three China Glaze polishes I swatched during my last swatch-a-thon.

China Glaze - 2030. This is a gold metallic from the Khrome collection. 1 coat.
I wanted this polish (and the next one) specifically for stamping, but they look pretty cool on their own too!

China Glaze - Millennium. Also from Khrome. Very metallic and almost mirror-like! Again, 1 coat.
This one and 2030 are really hard to wear on their own though because they show all imperfections in the nail.
Most people will need to wear a basecoat to ensure the surface of the nail is smooth before applying metallic polishes.

China Glaze - Awakening. This is a core polish at Sally's. Pretty pink shade packed with gold shimmer. 3 coats. I'm not a big fan of this one, but it is my mom's favorite pedi color!

Cross 3 more polishes off my stash/swatch list. :)

Now for the other half of this post... Epic nail mail.
This morning while I was annoyed that I had no internet, I heard the mailman putting stuff in my mailbox. And I was like OH MAIL and started going to the door. But then I heard him open the door so I knew I had something big! (We have 2 doors and when stuff doesn't fit in the mail box, they often place packages between the glass door and the second door.)
I waited a few moments so he wouldn't see me at the door in my pajamas, and then quickly grabbed my goodies!

Three packages!!
How I managed to take a picture before ripping into them, I'll never know.
The first package I opened was from my good friend Traci of the TraceFace Philes! (P.S. Traci has FOUR giveaways going on right now - go check her out!!)

Traci used pink bubble wrap and pink zebra tape. I saved it all for future nail mail that I send! Haha!
Here is everything from all three packages!

OMG, it's OMG! I was a very lucky girl today, huh?
(Sorry for the bad iPhone pictures but it is just so easy to use my phone to upload nail mail pictures as I get them.)

I bought the OMG 2BHOT set on eBay! I paid $76 for 6 polishes. Yes, it was crazy. But, it worked out to $12 a polish which you know is a good deal, if you are familiar with these polishes. Plus I got the original packaging which is pretty darn cool.
The set comes with QT, TTYL, TMI, GR8, L8R G8R, and FYI.
We aren't supposed to have sun here for the rest of the week, so no holo swatching for a while. :(
(I have 3 more OMG's coming from various people, but I'm still looking for OMG and IDK. Can anyone help me?)

On top you see my polishes from Traci! She sent me DV8 from the OMG collection! That's the one I wanted most! She also sent four bottles of Wet N Wild Party of 5 Glitters so I can make more bottles of Rebecca Likes Cupcakes! As well as Hard Candy's Fabuluxe and Essence's Movie Star. Thank you so much Traci!!

The bottles on either end are special too, those are from my friend Lori from Polish-Aholics Anonymous. She got a whole bunch of Spectraflair pigment (holographic pigment used in car painting) and made bottles of holographic topcoat by putting a small amount in clear polish! One of the bottles pictured belongs to Kayla Shevonne.
Thanks Lori! I can't wait to get some sun and use it!

Oh boy... I have a LOT of swatching to do!


  1. Wow, I really like the swatches. The polishes seems so smooth and shiny! :D

  2. i want your mail! 2030 is a really nice looking gold. I probably need that, yep, i do.

  3. I have a used OMG ( the silver ) which I will never use again as I got Nfu Oh holo. As I said, it's used. But if you are interested I can send you a bottle pic and you can decide if you want it. You can email me if you are interested.

  4. So jealous!! Great stuff that you got!! :)

  5. I would SO pay that for the omg collection right now. I might! This post was really bad for my budget :( lol

  6. OMG, you got OMG! So jealous!! :)

  7. Nice polishes , love the gold and silver ones.

  8. AWESOME swatches!!!

  9. Lucky lady! That holo top coat sounds like WIN! Oooh Party of Five Glitters! I have 3 bottles here as well. Hoping to try to glom together a GitA franken. :)
    Great haul! So much fun to be had!

  10. First - SOOOOO jealous of OMG!

    Second - I love Millennium! it's my favorite silver!

  11. epic nail mail! cant wait to our swap so i get some nail mail hehe!

    Michelle xx

  12. Wow awakening is an amazing color! Love it.

  13. AH I AM SO JEALOUS! What buyer if you don't mind me asking?

  14. I don't remember the name of the seller and it isn't something I can look at on my ebay because shortly after I bought it the listing was removed. The seller had used pictures from Scrangie and someone reported it to ebay, and it was taken down. So I have no idea who it was from. But she had 4 complete 2BHOT sets, I got the first one and I don't know if she ever re-listed the others. You'd just have to keep checking ebay.


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