Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teeez! - Smooth & Cool - swatches and review

Hi guys!
Yes, today I have holographics for you.
These are the last of my polishes from Inge to show you, and they are magnificent!

No more talking. Time for pictures!
I'll start with Cool.

As usual I have used both my cameras and a combination of sun and artificial light to try and get the best pictures.

This one is a cross between scattered and linear. It isn't as linear as the OMG or Nfu-Oh holos, but the pieces are very small, no bigger glitter like the Milani 3D's.

I hope you guys like seeing multiple photos of these!

Love it!

You might be thinking, "Blue holo? Is it similar to DV8?"

Not really. DV8 is much more teal.

Now for Smooth.

This one is not quite as holographic as the other.

Hot pink holo.

It was harder for me to capture the holographic particles in this one.

If you can get someone in the Netherlands to find these for you - do it! You won't be disappointed.

How does this one compare to my other pink holos?

Close, but not exact. China Glaze BFF might be closer, but I don't have that one yet.

You might also know that some holographics are really good for stamping.
How do these ones work?

Not great.

Thank you once again, Inge, for the amazing polishes!


  1. smooth looks a lot like h&m sinful senorita! maybe the h&m is more bright..

  2. You are very welcome, so nice to see you have fun with the swap-goodies :-D

  3. Oh good god I want it. I was looking for the Teeez brand here in the Netherlands the other day but alas, my stores don't carry them *woe* :(

  4. Love them all!!!!

  5. Teeez! I never tire of torturing myself with beautiful foreign brands that are utterly unavailable where I live. I adore Cool.

  6. I gave you an award =)

  7. I think our vacation will have to be in the Netherlands... :P So pretty!

  8. These are so gorgeous, I need some holo in my life.

  9. ooh sparkly very holo ish :D

    shel xx

  10. OOooh, I love them both, especially the blue!

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