Saturday, July 16, 2011

german giveaway swatch spam part 3

Hey everyone! Welcome to the third and final swatch spam from the giveaway I won at From Head To Foot.
It took me a long time to get the third part done because I wanted to swatch the holographic ones on a sunny day!
And we have had terrible weather here in Newfoundland. So terrible. I actually had to wear a coat a few days ago. Cold and rainy and foggy, probably one of the worst June/July's ever.
Today it was supposed to rain, but then the sun came out! And I ran to my holo stash! Haha.

I'll show you the non-holographic ones first.

L.A. Colors - Metallic Purple. This is a really glittery foil polish, pinkish purple, but it's so shimmery that it mostly seems silver.

I don't own anything with this intense foil/shimmer finish! It's pretty cool. One coat.
I did a stamping test:

It works pretty well!

Flormar - 393 is a glitter topcoat.

It consists of mostly silver and red glitter, with a bit of blue and green. It's a strange combo! But I like it.

This is one thick coat of it over Catrice's Dirty Berry (swatch of that to come tomorrow.)
The glitter is sparse so it won't cover on its own, you need to layer it.

Any glitter is good with me.

Etos Effect Nails - 006. Standard streaky yellow creme. This is 3 coats but it needs more as you can see.

Now for the holos!!

I love the bottles, they're so cute.

Etos Effect Nails - 010. Purple holo! The holo isn't very strong, it is sort of linear and sort of scattered. 2 coats.

I love purple. I love holographics. I love purple holographics.

010 is very close in color to OPI - DS Original, but not as holo. (The other bottles pictured are Milani 3D - Hi-Res and China Glaze - Gamer Glam.)

Etos Effect Nails - 011. Normally I don't like orange but this shade of orange is okay with me! This one is a bit weaker than the first in regards to holographic effect.

Same as the first - 2 coats.

Very similar in color to China Glaze - TTYL but as you can see, not nearly as linear.
(I will be swatching my OMG collection polishes as soon as we have a day that is supposed to be sunny all day so I can take my time and do it well!)

Etos Effect Nails - 013. Raspberry holo! Again, 2 coats.

Again, not as strong as the purple one, but still holo.

Here's how it compares to other pink holos.
OPI - DS Signature, Teeez - Smooth, Etos Effect Nails - 013, China Glaze - QT, China Glaze - TMI.
(Swatches of the rest of those coming soon!)
It's close to Smooth and Signature but the CG ones are a bit more on the red side.

Once I get all my OMG's swatched, I'll need to make a holo comparison wheel! Haha.

Thank you once again, Martina! I'm so happy to have had the chance to try all these brands!


  1. love the cute little holo bottles (=

  2. So many beautiful polishes! :)

  3. AAhhhhhh these are spectacular, and i want them all

  4. Gorgeous. All of the polishes, not just the contest ones :)

  5. That raspberry holo looks fantastic. I know what you mean, it's been terribly cold and wet here in NS as well. Four the past four days the temperature hasn't risen about 14 degrees, yuck. lol

  6. This is the best post ever!!! Everything was super AWESOME!!! I am jealous!

  7. The raspberry holo looks sooooooo good!

  8. The DS Original looks good even in the bottle. Sigh.

  9. You're very welcome! I enjoyed seeing you swatch all of these :)