Monday, July 25, 2011

Color Club - Wicked Sweet Collection - swatches and review

Good afternoon, polish lovers!

You might remember that yesterday I mentioned that I thought one of my polishes from the Color Club Wicked Sweet set was wrong.
I regret to inform you that I was right!

How did I notice this? Well, yesterday I saw this post from The Polished Perfectionist. And I thought, "What? Sheer? Visible nail line? Neon?"
I knew when I swatched mine that my green looked an awful lot like Twiggie from the Poptastic collection, but I thought they were just similar.
But no, it seems my The Lime Starts Here was replaced with Twiggie at some point.
I went back and smelled the polish too - no fruity scent.
So now I have 2 bottles of Twiggie and none of The Lime Starts Here.

As you may know, I am obsessed with Color Club and hate not having complete sets! (Remember how I bought Fashion Addict on eBay when that one was wrong in my Catwalk Queen set?)
So I guess I'll have to get my hands on The Lime Starts here somehow, but open stock of Color Club is not available here.

Anyway, here are my swatches of Wicked Sweet! I will edit this post with the correct green polish whenever I get it!

The Wicked Sweet collection includes six neon polishes for summer that are scented when dry!

I'm not totally crazy about neons, so I wasn't sure about this set, but the blue polish just drew me in.

This is Get Your Lem-On, a neon yellow polish with really interesting green shimmer.
It is sheer - this is four coats and there is still some visible nail line.
The scent on this one is a bit overwhelming - it really hits you as soon as you open the bottle. I didn't care for the smell, it was a bit sickening. But once the polish dries I'm sure it would be much more tolerable.

The shimmer is really pretty, but I don't like the way this type of color washes out my skin. You can't really see it very much in the photos but in person it makes my skin look gray.
This color is growing on me though. I think it looks cool in the pictures! I might have to wear it for more than 5 minutes to really decide.

This is NOT The Lime Starts Here. This is Twiggie and I don't know how she got in my Wicked Sweet.
Oh well, I love Twiggie... And now I have 2 of her to love.

Hey look, the logo got smaller.
I should have noticed right away that this polish had no smell, but the smell from the previous polish was still lingering, so I couldn't really notice that this one did not smell!

I Always Get My Man-darin. Neon shimmery orange. Sheer, 3 coats.
Now, as I was swatching this one, my camera battery died. And I ended up having this on my nails for a half an hour and in that time, the polish grew on me.
I am not an orange fan, especially neon orange, but after my half an hour of wearing it, I liked it a little. Just a little. Could be good for nice sunny days. Maybe I will one day get over my dislike for orange. But I do think it should be saved for girls who aren't as white as me.
This polish has the same green shimmer from the yellow polish but it was nearly impossible to catch it on camera.

Yum Gum. Bubble gum. I don't think the smell is as strong with this one as the others. I can't remember it so distinctly.
This is a neon pink creme, 2 coats!
Surprisingly I actually have nothing quite like it in my stash. I love this polish!

Here it is next to Poptastic which I thought it was going to be a dupe of but it is not even close!
Yet it is much brighter than any other light pink shade I have.
Unique pink. Rare, but awesome.

Want to know something annoying? While I was in line buying this polish, I noticed the messed up writing on Yum Gum. I wanted to go back and get a different set, but I was already halfway through a long line and my mom was waiting for me so I didn't have time to go back and get a different set and get back in line.
Had I let my OCD take over and went back for a different set, I probably would have the right green polish.

This is Raspberry Rush. Very hard to capture on camera which is why this picture does not match the others!
Neon raspberry jelly. 3 coats.
Reminds me of the OPI Texas Collection sorbets, but neon.

Very close in color to Warhol but less neon and more sheer. 

Gimme A Grape Big Kiss. This one is a strong smelling one as well. Very grapey and very strong.
Want to know something nerdy? When I opened this bottle I said to myself, "the force is strong with this one!"
Yep. Star Wars. I don't know where it came from, but it did. I'm a dork.
Anyway, this was 3 coats, again a neon jelly. Very cute color, but not a very unique shade. Personally I don't have any dupes though, so that's good!

Wicked Sweet. Yes, this polish is definitely wicked sweet. And dope. And awesome. And great. All that jazz.
I love this polish so much. 2 coats of lovely blue perfection.
I don't remember the smell being overwhelming on this one, which is a plus.
2 pictures of this one because it is gorgeous!

Love it.

Like I said, I was originally unsure about buying this set. But when I swatched it, I fell in love with 2 colors. Which means, the set is worth buying. Because if I were going to buy the 2 colors separately I would pay more than I would pay for the full set.
(That is negated by the fact that I'm going to have to buy the proper green one... But still.)

Final verdict?
Wicked Sweet and Yum Gum are awesome colors that I will for sure be using as full manis soon.
The two jellies are cute and summery but not the most unique.
The orange and yellow are pretty colors but don't suit my skin tone - but they are growing on me!
I can't comment on the green yet. Hopefully soon!
Some of the smells are overwhelming, so if you have a sensitive nose you might want to stay away.

Another winning set from Color Club! I own EIGHT Color Club sets now... And a few single shades... I have more CC polish than anything else!

Have a great day guys! I'm off to the post office to send some nail mail!
(I'm also expecting some very special nail mail... Which could greatly benefit one of you lovely followers... Just sayin'.)


  1. Raspberry Rush is my fave :) I have it on my toes right now, they smell great! (lol)

  2. I have this set, I have not tried any of them yet... LOL to Hayley's comment :-P

  3. I don't know where to find individual Color Clubs where I live either. I got a mini set of these at Ross (it included Yum Gum, Raspberry Rush, Get Your Lem-on, and Wicked Sweet) which is just as well since orange looks awful on me, but I would like to have The Lime Starts Here. Looks like we're both on the hunt!

  4. I was debating about this set as well because I didn't really want any more scented polishes. But when I saw the orange and the blue I knew I had to have it. I am a sucker for shimmer

    Personally I love the colour orange, even if it doesn't always go with my skin tone. It is just a bright fun cheery colour.

  5. That's such a bummer! I hope you find it. Amazon maybe?

  6. @Hayley - LOL that could be a good idea for people with stinky feet!

    @Laura - google for beauty supply stores in your area. There could be something! A lot of random beauty supply places carry Color Club. As well as certain Bed Bath and Beyonds, strangely!

    @jaded_imp - ...Did you get the right green one? :P

  7. Ah that blue is gorgeous! I must have it!

  8. I can't wait till scented polishes finally make their way to Estonia. I've always wanted to try them out! :D

  9. °I agree with Sandra, I can't wait for them to make their way to Iceland lol.
    Of All of them I would have to say that "Raspberry Rush" is my absolute fav. Its so pretty haha - I am a sucker for pretty colours.

    Though I have a suggestion, if you are looking for a dupe for "I Always Get My Man-darin" you could try Gosh "Orange Drops 581" I am wearing it right now and to me they seem pretty much the same. Lemme know if you try it out and how you like it.

  10. LOVE these colors! Color Club always has such great neons.

  11. It sucks that i never see these around, because they look amazing

  12. Oooh that blue is really beautiful!!

  13. "When I opened this bottle I said to myself, "the force is strong with this one!""

    Haha you crack me up! I liked all of the colors, boo ;P I think my next order from transdesign will be color club :)

  14. o0o0o very pretty colors. I would def. purchase this set.

  15. I actually have The Lime Starts Here and Twiggie - Twiggie is way prettier :D

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