Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Color Club - Alter Ego: Keep It Under Cover Collection - swatches and review

Good afternoon! I have yet another Color Club set for you guys today.
This is the eighth CC set that I own. That's a lot. And guess what? I still want a few more. I bet my luck has run out on them though.

Alter Ego: Keep It Under Cover. (I've shown you the other half of this collection, Reveal Your Mystery, here.)

Like Wicked Sweet from yesterday, I wasn't sure if I should get this set. But then I saw it in person and decided, yes, I should.
There were six reasons why. And here they are.

Alter Ego. The collection's namesake. Gorgeous! This is three coats.

Purple foil, a bit silvery, with gold shimmer as well. So hard to explain! The gold really appears in the shade.

It looks cool on its own but I bet it would also rock as a layering polish.

This is Secret Agent, and I'm not sure how to describe the finish. Sort of shimmery, sort of metallic, sort of frosty, a tiny bit matte... I don't know.
But it is the usual un-capture-able shade of purple that I struggle with.

The color in the second picture is accurate. This is a really awesome polish, it's unique and only takes 2 coats!

This is Total Mystery and it is my total favorite. Just look at it! I must be on a blue kick lately.

But not only is the shade of blue awesome, it is packed with blue and fuchsia microglitter. It is really apparent on the nail, but you can see it better in the bottle in the photos.
It's so sparkly and nice and vibrant. Big win.

This is Alias and this is one of the most popular shades from the collection, I believe. Personally I'm not super in love with these sorts of colors. 3 coats. Same finish/texture as Alter Eo.
This one looks purple mostly but then it shines a bunch of other colors.

The shimmer ends up mostly that bright pink color you see, but then there is also some deeper blue and then greeny gold colors, reminiscent of Orly's Space Cadet. I'm not sure if they're dupes.

Something weird I noticed is that my swatches look nothing like Scrangie's, her's seems more black and has this intense blue quality that mine doesn't. And I'm not sure if it's the formula that changed or if we just managed to capture it really differently.
My photos are an accurate representation of how I saw it, I believe.

Maybe I need to revisit this one in the sunlight and some other lighting to see what happens.

This is Ulterior Motive. Same basic polish as Total Mystery - semi-jelly with fuchsia and blue shimmer.
Very pretty, and awesome for layering, as I remember from this post by Nailside (which I copied here with other polishes.)

Very pretty, would make an awesome pedi color. I can't wait to use it for layering, too!

Last but not least is Masquerading. This one is the same finish as Secret Agent - sort of matte/frost/satin/shimmer. But this one is a grayish green, and just a bit thicker - you only need one coat.
I don't own anything even remotely similar in color.

Love it.

This set also comes with the Vivid Topcoat, which is supposed to help your polishes appear more vivd but I haven't tried it out. It has a sort of a blue hue to it, I'm not sure how that helps make it more vivid. But I'll try it sometime.

Super happy that I bought this set. It is all really unique.
You might have noticed that there are 2 polishes of each finish:
The really shimmery glass-flecked ones are awesome, but one of them is not exactly "me."
The 2 satin/frost polishes are really interesting, and apply so well.
And the microglitter semi-sheers are wicked - I can't wait to wear them, alone and layered.

This collection gets a solid 5/6 from me. Haha. :)


  1. Wow, all of these look great!

  2. Alter Ego and Alias are really the only ones I want from this set but MAN do I want them! lol

  3. I was so stoked when you told me this set was at winners!

    I really love the colours of the glass flecks and shimmers. I am not usually a fan of frost finishes, but I love a nice blurple. so I was wanting Secret Agent. Masquerading is a lovely colour as well.

    So I feel it was a winner all around :D

  4. Gorgeous colors!
    I have the other part of this collection... but now I want this part too :D

  5. Shoot, more lemmings!! It's such an interesting collection.

  6. I can't wait for my regular place to get these in stock, since I like so many of them. Great collection!

  7. beautiful colors! I think I'm on a blue kick lately too....

  8. Must have Alias, not because it's my favorite color from the collection but because my cat is named Sydney Bristow after Jennifer Garner's character on...Alias. ;) This looks like a really cool collection!

  9. Total Mystery is my absolute favorite, it's such a gorgeous blue! :)

  10. wa~ now I want them all!! I've never realised Alter Ego and Total Mystery was that great!

  11. This looks like a totally awesome set of polishes!! I want!

  12. SOOO PRETTY!! I am super bumming because I won this ENTIRE collection in a giveaway a couple months back and it got lost in the mail! :(

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