Thursday, July 7, 2011

from the vault part 2: slightly improved nail art

Everyone seemed to love my last "from the vault" post, so here is the second half!

I will remind you, these photos were taken long before I was "good" at nails, and also before I was good at taking pictures of them! These are mostly from around 14-16 months ago.
Some of these are actually good but some are still laughable.

I don't know what polish this is anymore, but I remember this really impressed my friends. Haha. As you can see I was not good at placing stamps!

China Glaze For Audrey.  That little stamp image is so cute!

Improving! Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Power Pink and Blue Me Away!

I am still not good with this stamp image! Haha.

Tried to do the WAH Nails stripey mani thing... big fail. I want to try again though.

Don't like these.

French mani! First one I ever did I think. China Glaze Purple Panic.

Every zebra mani I did made me so impressed with myself! Haha.

Gradient! And some glitter! This could have seriously used some topcoat but at the time I didn't have any!

Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink over Gunmetal. My first glitter mani.

Seeing this photo reminds me of how much I love this stamp! I need to use it again. It's from the first Bundle Monster set.

Big improvement! Joe Fresh Faded Violet and Powder Blue. I LOVE this color combo.

Stripey nails are just too cute.

How did I keep my nails that short all the time? It seems so strange now! These are super cute, I should do them again with my improved leopard skills.

That is all for my archive of photos. I hope this half is as interesting to you guys as the last half was!

Remember how last night I said I had a cold? I went to a clinic this morning and it turns out I actually have a "raging" sinus infection and now I am on a huge dose of antibiotics. What a lovely vacation souvenir.
Even one of my teeth hurts... Apparently your upper incisors are connected to your sinuses.


  1. i like all of these :-D
    p.s. same thing happens to me some month ago, i know how you feel :-p

  2. Some really cute designs you did there. I wonder what mine will look like next year... will I have improved as much as you did!? :D
    And I feel with you. I'm experiencing the same very nice symptoms right now *sigh* The hurting teeth are really annoying... :/

  3. I really like all the cheetah print ones! (PS I still suck at stamp placement... I don't see me getting better anytime soon!)

    Do your ears hurt? That's the worst. When I get sinus infections I get the ears, the teeth and the jaw pain. BLECH. Sinus infections SUCK!

  4. These all are so very cute . Nice job on improving though . Sorry about the teeth /:

  5. Boo to the sinus infection. They are awful :-(. I love the old nail pics though, lol. The animal print is my favourite on you though. Get better soon.

  6. Nice stuff! Hello from Halifax!

  7. This one is my favorite : "Joe Fresh Faded Violet and Powder Blue"...

  8. I love the stripes and the leopard! I hope you feel better soon.

  9. Love them ^__^