Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i have returned from vacation!

Hi guys!
I really enjoyed my vacation, but I'm happy to be home and back to blogging for you wonderful people again!

We had a crazy week, and my feet were killing me almost every day, but it was worth it.
I didn't get a ridiculous amount of polish like I was expecting/hoping! I ended up only getting three bottles.
I didn't get a whole lot of anything, really.
Some friends wanted to see everything I got, and I don't have anything better to do, so I took photos of everything!
I'll babble a little about the trip first. I'll start with some nails!

These are the nails I wore for most of the trip. I did them like an hour before I went to bed the night before I left. I didn't get a good photo - just an iPhone one on the Greyhound.
I copied Dollface's Katy Perry nails modeled after Katy's from the Last Friday Night video. See her version here.
I used Color Club's Space Case and Glitter Envy from the Starry Temptress collection.

We flew to Montreal, but first we took a bus to Ottawa for Canada day. It was pure madness. There were 300,000 people there at last estimate. It was impossible to see anything and impossible to move! We did get to see the fireworks though which were awesome.

Then it was back to Montreal.
The Katy Perry show was awesome. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot of concerts!

She played for almost a full 2 hours. All the songs were awesome and the show was just great in general.

She even came out on this cloud over the audience and was super close to us!

My pictures suck because I didn't bring my big camera with me, it's too expensive to drag around. My friend Susan got better photos, I'll include some from her if she doesn't mind once she uploads them.

The Weezer show was the next night. We weren't allowed to bring cameras in but I got a few pictures on my iPhone.
They played for 45 minutes, took a break, and then played The Blue Album in its entirety. That is my favorite album and I know basically every word, so it was just amazing to see it all.
That was my third time seeing Weezer and they never disappoint! Rivers even climbed off the stage and walked around in the crowd and up into the stands, all while singing. It was great.

Other notable activities - the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Rideau Mall (Cinnabon!!), and just general shopping and sightseeing and of course, eating! Haha. So much food.

Now for the good stuff - the purchases.

Urban Outfitters - After Hours (holo glitter!)
Color Club - Age of Acquarius (wishlist!)!
Color Club - Crush On You (also from my wishlist!)
And the bracelets you see are from Forever 21. I love the roses! They match earrings I have.

I had expected to get a lot of polish - I even brought bubble wrap for transporting them home - but there really wasn't much selection. I couldn't find any at H&M, Forever 21 did not have a large selection in store, Urban Outfitters only had about 7 colors which were just plain cremes that were not unique (except for the one I got,) and the only other stuff I could find was overpriced OPI, Essie, and Color Club.
I got the 2 Color Club's for 8.99 each which is crazy, but they aren't available here and I really wanted those two. They had a bunch of the Poptastic colors, the ones not in the 7-piece, but for 8.99 I only let myself buy one. (I wanted Edie too but I decided it was too much like China Glaze Four Leaf Clover. Age of Aquarius is probably a dupe for something else I have too, but oh well!)

One of my favorite purchases, a Nixon watch. I only paid $40 for this! That's half price, or even less than half price when you're buying them here. Good deal.

Vans glasses! On sale for $9.99!

Vans socks! Haha! They are made to go into your Vans without seeing the sock. It was $14 for 2 pairs which is really expensive but I wanted them especially for my Hello Kitty Vans.
(My pedi color was Essie Smooth Sailing.)

Hello Kitty cupcake tin with little candies!

At the Weezer show I bought the above shirt. And I bought this shirt at the Katy show:

Concert shirts are expensive but a necessary souvenir.
Now for the rest of the clothes. I looked for stock images of the clothes I got but could only find one, so I took pictures of them on myself, which is a little awkward. But I'll show them! No judgements!

This was $16.80 at Forever 21.

Clearance at Urban Outfitters! I think it was $40 originally but I got it for around $15.

H&M. $14.95

Also $14.95 at H&M.

Cardigan, H&M, $19.95. I love the elbow pads!

The absolute cutest dress ever. $19.95 at H&M. The only one on the rack, and it fits like a glove. And it has pockets!

So cute!

Towards the end of the trip, I redid my nails. I used my new Color Clubs!

Such an awesome combo! I love the way it crackles.

It turned out much more purple over the turquoise than it looks in the bottle because it is a bit of a jelly formula. Totally lovin' it.

Well, that is all for my trip.
I managed to catch a cold at the end and I spent the whole last day with my sinuses really bothering me, and the plane ride home was a bit uncomfortable because of that.

Anyway, I'm going to go reply to any questions left in comments now, so if you asked something in a comment since I was gone, expect an answer soon! All emails have been answered. And then I need to check out my Facebook notifications... Yikes!

One more picture! That's me and my (crazy) friends!

I missed all you guys! See you tomorrow and every day after that until my next trip in August! Haha.
(P.S. Almost 1000 followers!)


  1. LOL great post!! I missed you. I am glad you enjoyed yourself! I love the socks and the sunglasses!!! <3

  2. Ahhh! Welcome back =D Lovin' all your purchases... it looks like you had a fab time on vacay!

  3. I am loving pretty much everything you bought. You got some really cute stuff! Also, super jealous about Katy Perry! Glad you had a great time :)

  4. Oh I love all the clothes you got!! Gorgeous!! :D

  5. that sweater with the elbow pads is so cute!! thanks for sharing the pictures with us! :D

  6. Super cool blog! By the way I am your new follower!

  7. Cool you're back! Looks like you had a fantastic time!
    I'm loving you're goodies, especially the bow dress, cardigan and sunglasses. So cuteee! And I love the Color Club crackle!
    I was wondering, do you speak French a little? Since you went to Montreal. But then again I ask that to any Canadian near Montreal haha

  8. Great post!! I'm jealous you saw Katy!!

  9. I love all your clothes!!!! Glad you had a good trip too :)

  10. Rebecca! Great finds, loved the clothes and HK cupcake candy, so cute! And last but not least your Vans sunglasses, OMG!
    KP was awesome right?! I'm so jealous, we didn't have a cloud!! Hahah. Welcome back :)

  11. That dress is so cute! Looks like you had an awesome trip! :)

  12. The Hello Kitty cupcake is so cute and I just love the watch!

  13. Loved everything you got. Seems like you had an amazing time ;)


  14. Nice photo's. Looks like you had fun. I love the pink & green combo of your nails :)

  15. ah katy is AWESOME. we have a post about her concert.. love her!

  16. Welcome back! You have great taste, I love the bracelets and the clothes you bought! :)

  17. thanks everyone!
    @Clo-Joe - yes, i am bilingual!

  18. Great post! I missed you and your posts.

    I am glad you had such a wonderful time and you bought amazing things!

  19. So am I! I was born in the US but i actually live in France.

  20. I super love the dress!!!! OMG it's adorbs! I love the rose bracelet too! And the cardigan! I'm glad you're back--I missed you!

  21. I would love to see how you use Urban Outfitters "Afterglow"...I bought the polish last week too because it was the most unique looking one!

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