Tuesday, November 20, 2012

i just love glitter, okay?!

Can't stop wearing glitter. Several glitters at once. All the glitter.
Here's a nice combo I wore last week!

Pink and purple and blue glitter, oh my!

It was kinda hard to get great pictures of this manicure but I think I did okay.

And the best part about this mani? Drugstore polish!
I started with a black base, and added two lovely glitters from Milani.
Milani - Twinkle (purple and blue glitter in a clear base, can be worn alone with a few coats)
Milani - Fuchsia (from the Jewel FX line, 2 sizes of pink glitter, clear base, best for layering)

Big fan. I think I have all the Milani glitters now... Maybe some swatch spam will happen soon!


  1. Gorgeous I too love glitters!

    Jazz x

  2. What a lovely glitter! I came from FB, could see your post :)

  3. I love them too but they are such a pain in the neck to take off! I love the bigger glitters and they stick to my nails like glue, I don't have acrylic nails so I don't get it. Any tips would be tremendously appreciated, your blog has inspired many of my nail styles, love all you're combinations.

    1. I recently tried the PVA glue base coat and it came off super duper easy. There's a post about it on this blog: http://www.prettypurplepolish.com/2012/08/peel-off-base-coat-for-easy-glitter.html

  4. This is so sparkly I love it! I'm always so afraid to wear glitters because I'm terrified about taking them off! LOL I haven't tried the glue method yet though I'm thinking I should :) But this is SO pretty!! :D

  5. Gorgeous! I too LOVE glitter and I'm a Rebecca and a blogger lol :)

  6. Ohhhh...this is gorgeous. You have single-handedly made me want to buy all the Milani glitters- lol! I was literally thinking about it this morning. "I need to pick up some Milani glitters when I got to Target..." was my exact thought.

  7. I love glitter too, and your mani is gorgeous!!

  8. GLITTER!!! NOMNOMNOM!! I love glitter.

  9. All I have to say is...."WEAR ALL THE GLITTERS!" This mani is glitter-tastic!

  10. Glitter!!!! How could you NOT love it!!!!!

  11. OH.MY.GOSH! I love this look. I need both of these glitter polishes in my life asap!


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