Monday, October 1, 2012

31dc2012 - day 31

Hey guys! Welcome to the very last day of the 31 Day Challenge!
I'm really proud of myself for finishing this challenge again, I think I came up with some pretty fab designs.
It was definitely nice to challenge myself to do nail art every day for a whole month... But now I think I need a little break. This manicure is staying on for a few days. At least. Ha!

The theme for today is to Recreate A Manicure You Love.
Like last year, I've decided to recreate a manicure done by someone participating in the challenge with me this month.
I chose a leopard print manicure (duh) from the lovely Kayla Shevonne. It was her design for the Glitter theme.
(She recreated my Andy Warhol look today! Click here to see that.)

Tada! I love the combo of nude and glitter. And leopard print. (Shocker.)

Kayla used a different nude color for her manicure but our glitter is the same!
I used:
OPI - Did You Ear About Van Gogh?
Milani - Purple Gleam
Essence - Black is Back

My glitter had a bit of a strange reaction with this mani. On my right hand I did solid glitter because I was lazy (as usual) but it would not dry fully. Certain areas just wiped completely off.
I noticed this because I messed one up on something and when I touched all the others to see if they were dry, small areas came completely off too.
I have no idea why! I've worn this polish a bunch before with no issues. Maybe it was my base coat? Who knows!

I'm wearing my purple glitter Toms today with my purple glitter mani.

Challenge complete!
I'll see you tomorrow with September's haul post (and maybe a challenge recap,) and then I'll probably take a day or two off. Hah. I deserve it.


  1. Pretty! I love the purple glitter!


  2. Omgosh!!!! Sooooo pretty! Totalllly want to try this one!!!!

  3. I've never even thought about doing glitter on a leopard print manicure. This is lovely!

  4. This is absolutely amazing and I must try it! X

  5. Beautiful job on these nails!! I love the purple glitter!! <3

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it. Can you do a tutorial on how to make the leopard print?

  7. I love this! Leopard is my favorite color :)

  8. Oooh glittery leopard! Love!

    I've noticed weather seems to affect how my polish behaves... if it's really humid or rainy it seems things don't dry as well/fast.

  9. oh it's so pretty! i must try this one

  10. Fabulous! The purple glitter looks so pretty on the nude background <3

  11. Beautiful mani and awesome job on the challenge!! :)

  12. Gorgeous...I'm soooooo trying this!!!! x

  13. Weird that your polish played up... I get that sometimes too. Awesome leopard prints! Leopard prints are probably my favourite nail art design, I could quite happily do them every day!

  14. OMG.... I'm totally in love!!!! *____________*

  15. So gorgeous! Love the combination of glitter + leopard print! :D And congrats on finishing the whole challenge!

  16. well done with a great finale!