Sunday, October 28, 2012

four layers of crack

I was really looking forward to the China Glaze Glitter Crackles that came out earlier this year but then they ended up being pretty disappointing.

I didn't buy them at first... But then they went on clearance and I bought all four. (It was a weak moment.)

I tried doing a manicure with one of them and did not like the result, so in frustration I layered the rest on top. And it actually turned out pretty cool!

I like how you can see some cracks still and how it is hard to tell that there are actually 4 layers on there. Haha! It made an interesting effect.

You totally can't see the different polishes in this manicure but I will list them here anyway:
China Glaze - Glam-More (fuchsia)
China Glaze - Jade-D (green)
China Glaze - Gleam Me Up (blue)
China Glaze - Luminous Lavender (purple)

What made the glitter crackles so disappointing is that the glitter is really sparse. You don't get an opaque coat of glitter so it is hard to even notice that it is a crackle and not just a coat of regular glitter.

This was what the manicure started out as. Just the blue crackle over the base color. It was barely visible and so not impressive.

Here's a swatch of the base color on its own because I don't think I've shown it before!

Zoya - Wednesday is a very nice turquoise creme that covers well in 2 coats but holy crap, she likes to stain. It doesn't look like a typical stainy color, but watch out!

Perhaps once the glitter crackles are used a few times and thicken up, they will give more satisfying results.
Or maybe they'd look better over dark colors. I'll give them another chance sometime.

What do you think of this quadruple-crack mani? It's pretty strange, but I dig it.


  1. Very unique! Try darker colors. I have a red glitter crackle. I hated it over a light color, but its nice over black.

  2. yes, i bet layering them like this over black or a dark blue would look amazing!

  3. They look great all layered together - it looks almost like it's got a multichrome shift.

  4. These are unique, I found them to look like abstract art. Not like regular polish at all.

  5. I love it! Almost looks like a multi chrome :)

  6. Gorgeous! I love the colour combo, very special <3

  7. This is so neat - I didn't invest in the glitter crack for this exact reason but it looks cool layered! Also, I love your nail shape <3

  8. I have one of the CG glitter crackle and the trick is to apply a very thick coat! I think is looks better that way.

  9. I have one of the CG glitter crackle and the trick is to apply a very thick coat! I think is looks better that way.


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