Thursday, October 25, 2012

blu jelly?

I few weeks ago I played around with some jelly sandwiches. I wore the same blue jelly on both hands with different glitters sandwiched on each hand.
One turned out really cool, and one just so-so. I'll show them both today!

This is the so-so combo.
You're looking at OPI - Rainbow Connection sandwiched between coats of China Glaze - Ride The Waves.
Some of the colors of the glitter didn't look so cute inside the blue but overall it was a cool look!

Now for the cooler but poorly photographed one... (I really didn't have the right-hand photo magic going on this day, apparently, because these are funny!)

Okay maybe the first picture is not so bad.
This is Lynnderella - Connect The Dots inside China Glaze - Ride The Waves.
I really love how the white glitters turn blue and the shimmer still shows through.

Verdict: Connect The Dots is really cool in jelly sandwiches but Rainbow Connection not so much.

Do you like jelly sandwiches? U jelly?


  1. I think I actually prefer Rainbow Connection - I like all the different colours showing through :)

  2. I do like Rainbow connection in the sandwich!! I think it looks super cool!!

  3. I did a Ulta Pinata-Yada-Yada glitter sandwich with a different color jelly - orange. That looked really cool. But, I don't know, I like the blue too.

  4. I love love love the first one! looks so so awesome!

    Jazz x

  5. Did Ride the Waves chip up really bad on you? I used the same base/top coat I always use and it didn't even make it a day. Is there some secret I don't know about??

  6. I actually like Rainbow Connection in a jelly sandwich!

  7. They're awesome!! Both of them! :)

  8. woah. totally going to have to recreate this right hand bit!

  9. I NEED Ride the Waves!! I love the jelly sammie look, but I don't have the right polishes to try it out yet!

  10. lovely combinations - i like them both!

  11. I did this once too, with OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold Em! Different glitter on each hand and only one turned out nice haha. :) I used Pirouette My Whistle as the glitter.

  12. I think just the opposite - I like the one with Rainbow Collection best in the photos here - but I know from using Connect The Dots it's great for most all sandwiches. I also really like to use OPI Pirouette My Whistle and Nubar's Black and White polk a dot as well - those last 3 are my go to's for sandwitching. Never thought to try with the ChG neons - but mine are certainly sheer enough laying down to do a sandwich with.

  13. LOL, "u jelly?" I am actually, because I have one very like Connect The Dots, but I do not have Ride The Waves! That second mani looks super cool :D

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