Monday, October 15, 2012

blue-n-purple shimmery dots

Happy Monday! Another scheduled post here for your viewing pleasure while I am away in NYC. 

Ooh, today's mani is not one of my best. And the pictures aren't the best. But hey, I'm showing it anyway!

This was a manicure I wore one day when I was just bored and didn't know what to do.

The pretty blue base is Nicole by OPI - Nothing Kim-pares To Blue.
The dots were done with China Glaze - No Way Jose.
I love the great shimmer in these polishes! But I think I did the dots too fast and kinda muffed it up.

Not my best. But still okay. Right?

I think perhaps today I will be heading to see the Cake Boss... OMG! Exciting! Gotta get me a cannoli. (Or a whole cake.)


  1. Very pretty I love the blue and lialic

    Jazz x

  2. I think it's cute! Have fun in New York!

  3. adorable! omg get one of his lobster tails! they were the best thing i ever had! i used to pick them up on my way back to school :)

  4. hope you are having fun! beautiful mani!

  5. I think this is really pretty! The colors go well together!

  6. I love this look - I think it's a total hit. I have both of these shades and cannot think how you got them to look so shimmery - it looks like there is a sheer micro shimmer topper over the entire mani. What is the shimmer I am seeing - reading again and not seeing anything used but the N-OPI and the ChG.

    1. i didn't use anything else! i guess my camera flash just picks up the shimmer really well.


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