Tuesday, October 16, 2012

presenting... my right hand!

Hello all! I hope you are enjoying these short-but-sweet posts I have scheduled for you while I am off on vacation.

Today's post will show off something I don't usually show off. My right hand.

For some reason I only did this manicure on my right hand, but I loved it, so I tried my hardest to get some nice pictures of it to show you lovely people!
But my right hand really doesn't like to pose so it took me a lot of effort but hey, I worked it out.

Tada! My right hand. In all its bad-posing glory.

This manicure started with a polish I adore, Essie - Haute as Hello.
The formula is good but thin, you need 3 coats, but it does dry very fast.

I added a stamp from a Konad plate with Konad Psyche Pink. I am sorry but I do not remember the Konad plate number right now and I have no time to go looking for it. Haha! Maybe someone will save the day and comment it below, in case anyone else is wondering.

I love this color combo. So summery and fun.
I know I'll be wearing Haute As Hello a lot in the summers. And it is a great toe color, too!

Hope my right hand didn't disappoint!


  1. So cute! I actually do know the plate! It's Konad m78 and was the first stamping plate I ever bought! :) Hope you're having a good time!

  2. That's such a great Essie polish! Love this :)

  3. Cute, the look of a watermarble without the mess! ;)

    Line XXX

  4. Very nice! Yep, Konad m78, the faux water marble :D

  5. I have the Born Pretty version of this stamp- so pretty. Love the color combo!

  6. Go righty! :) My right hand actually looks better than my left right now, but I'm too spazzy with the camera in my left hand. Alas!

  7. I really love these two colors together! Pretty!

  8. Ohhh great manicure !!! Perfect base color !!

  9. oh beautiful nails *.*

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  10. Looks gorgeous! Your right hand pose is just fine - my right hand pinky is strange and always pokes out no matter how I try to pose lol!

  11. I really like the combination of colors, and I think your right hand is very photogenic :P

  12. This is m78. I just got this plate earlier in the week. This mani looks great. Love the colours xx