Wednesday, October 17, 2012

OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark Matte

Hello all! We are nearing the end of my vacation and my scheduled posts...

Today's post is a bit of a sad one because I'm just showing you a kinda sad swatch on some super short sad nails. Heh.

This is OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark Matte.
I really wanted to get all the OPI Mattes after falling in love with the suedes, but they just aren't the same without that shimmer!
This also took 3 coats to even out fully which was a bummer.
It just didn't give me that nice, smooth look I wanted. I do adore the color though.

Lesson learned, I definitely like shimmery suede better than flat matte.

Some day I'll have to post all the Lincoln Park polishes at once!
Lincoln Park After Dark, Lincoln Park After Dark Matte, Lincoln Park After Dark Suede, Lincoln Part At Midnight...


  1. Agree, the suede finish is much nicer! Still love the colour of this though.
    And you are totally rockin these shorties!

  2. I LOVE the OPI Suede's, and the matte's definitely don't hold a candle to the suede's. I have two of the mattes, and both of them are streaky messes.....I also have 2 suedes which I absolutely love! Both suedes are almost perfect in one coat and since they dry super quick,they are perfect for those mornings before work where you aren't happy with what you have on, and need something on your nails. Yeah, I've done that a couple times!

  3. Oh wow I actually really love this! The colour is gorgeous!

  4. This is gorgeous! I do love the suede finishes but there's something about a super dark, matte polish that I love too!! Love your nails this length =)

  5. I have this and have yet to wear it. The photos are not sad at all- they make me want to dig this out of my stash! I love the suedes too but matte isn't so bad either :)

  6. Oh my oh my this looks so lovely! gorgeous!

    Jazz x

  7. wow thats one gorgeous polish and i love the finish!

  8. I definitely agree with you on the suede vs. matte. I just LOVE Lincoln Park After Dark. It's a go-to for me in the fall and winter!

  9. I would love to see all the lincoln parks next to each other :)
    also, totally agree with you, I prefer the suedes too.

  10. I only have a few of the mattes - thinking the one I like the most is a hot pink one - from the Greek Isles collection names as I recall..but am with you - like the Suedes a ton - not so much the mattes...and the goodies the suedes show up with when you put a shinny clear over them are just amazing.


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