Friday, February 18, 2011

another gradient zebra!

Well seeing as everyone loved the gradient zebra nails from the other day, I have another set to show you!
This was the first gradient I ever tried, and I wasn't great at stamping at the time, so I missed the tips of a few nails, hahaha.

(click to enlarge)
Not too bad for a first try!
Now that I have a new camera, I should redo this combo and get nicer pictures.

This is all Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Mellow Yellow, Going Green and Blue Me Away (which isn't very blue sponged over the green.)
I stamped the zebra print from BM16 with an unnamed black. (This was before I found the magic of Wet'n'Wild black.)

Yesterday's exams went well. One more tomorrow night and I'm done my exams! (Sadly yes, I have an exam on a Saturday night.)


  1. just like always the color selection is wonderful! I don't think you can do too many of these :)

  2. and congrats on the exams! Who has exams on saturday?? wft??

  3. thanks guys!!
    i'm doing some courses by distance (because i hate being in school all day) and distance exams are always nights and weekends :(

  4. beautiful beautiful ! so jealous . i think i might try this !
    following !