Monday, February 21, 2011

rimmel 60 seconds - night before - swatch and review

(Third post today technically but those were last night and now it is noon so whatevs.)

A few days ago I posted this bottle picture:

And we all wondered what it would look like on the nail.
Find out after the jump!

Good news.
It's gorgeous.

Night Before is a really dark purple base, almost a bit "blurple," with pink, purple, and gold multichrome shimmer!
Even if you aren't in direct light, you can see the shimmer.
But if you hit the light right, it lights up!

Isn't it gorgeous?
I'm so happy that the shimmer translates onto the nail.
The formula was pretty decent - this is 3 coats but you could probably get away with 2 careful coats.
The brush however isn't too great, as you can see the sticker on the bottle says Pro-Cision Brush, Quick and Precise, however it is too small to be very quick. It's okay but not wonderful.

Big thumbs up to this polish!
I got mine for $3.99 at Shoppers.


  1. Lovely color! I just adore rich purples like this.

  2. sooooo pretty!!

    ps this is susan but the thing is saying anonymous

  3. nevermind it says susan ... lolz

  4. definately gorgeous and it matches what it looks like in the bottle! i love the shimmeriness with the dark color :)

  5. I'm not usually a purple person but... this one is nice =)

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