Friday, February 25, 2011

my favorite nail polishes - part 2

Here is part 2! Top 5 faves!

#5: Color Club - Wild At Heart
This color is a fairly recent addition to my collection and I am very happy about it.
I found the Wild At Heart 7 piece set at Winners randomly (I also got Poptastic and Untamed Luxury there a few months ago.) I immediatly put this color on and was in love.
This is a dark purple shade, that in certain lights is very holographic.
The holo leans towards red/orange/yellow but can also show cooler tones depending on the light.
3 coats for full opacity, 2 maybe if you are really careful. This polish also dries really quickly!

#4: OPI - Absolutely Alice
This is from the Alice In Wonderland collection. I somehow lucked into getting this and its counterpart, Mad as a Hatter, in a local drug store long after they had been released and people in the states were sad about it being all gone.
I originally went there for MAAH, and Alice was there too. These were my first OPI's, so I was a little weary of the price, but I ended up buying both because I figured I would regret it if I passed it up.
I am so happy I didn't leave her behind!
The application on these isn't the easiest, you need 3 thick coats for full coverage, and it is a bitch to get this out of your cuticles when you clean up, but I think the hassle is worth the gorgeous royal blue glitter.
Even after the 6 glitters came out for burlesque, this is still my favorite. (runner ups? Bring on the Bling, Show It And Glow It)

#3: LA Colors Color Craze - Sea Siren
I bought this color at a local clothing store, it caught my eye on the counter as I was checking out.
I had no idea it was going to be as gorgeous as it is!
Totally opaque in one amazing coat.
Gorgeous turquoise polish with turquoise shimmer.
If I could find another bottle of this, I would buy it instantly, but in the few stores around that sell Color Craze I have never seen a second bottle. (And I have been looking. A lot.)

#2: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Trouble Maker
This is something I picked up just because I love the name. (Weezer, anyone?)
And I ended up falling in love.
This is a dark purple creme. Beautiful application, totally opaque in 2 easy coats.
I'm also kinda fond of the brush in these polishes, it is really easy to use.
I love this color so much I could wear it over and over with no art!
(The nail I painted this on had bumps in it, I promise it's not the polish!)

#1: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Power Pink
Yes, my all time favorite nail polish is one that costs $2 at Walmart.
I actually have three bottles of this just in case they stop carrying it.
This is the only nail polish I have multiples of! (Except for Wet N Wild - Black Creme for my konad and Black Shatter, so this is my only real color that I have multiples of.)
I just think it is the perfect pink. It is a medium pink, not too hot, not too cool, with really really subtle pink shimmer. You basically can only see the shimmer in the bottle or when it is used as a mani alone. I use this so often. I love it. Worth the $2 for sure.
The application is good too - this is two coats.

Okay, that's all!
Surprised by my top 10? Love my top 10?

I think my favorite colors to wear are pretty evident, haha!


  1. Purple and teal do stand out in your favorites. I am surprised by your top 5, i expected to see some duochrome or other high end colors. I do love your top 10 though...i like the cremes myself! :)

    I got my Katy Perry collection!!! exciting!! :)

  2. cremes are my favorite too. duochrome just doesn't really do it for me! i know a lot of people go nuts for them, and i like them, but i prefer creme!
    and i don't own anything higher-end than opi and cg! haha.
    if it's cute, i don't care if it's $10 or $2! :P

    and yayyyyy for katy perry :)

  3. I too love that you're into blue/teal colors. It makes me sad that there are women out there that are afraid to wear anything but pink or red! I'm slowly working to get my sister out of that box!

  4. I went to the store tonight and got ski till we drop and power pink. If they have the Rebecca seal of approval they got to be good. :o)

    I was told I have I have a nail polish obsession tonight. Lol

    @Leslie it seems like it would be easy to convert your sister when she sees what you do!

  5. Leslie - how can anyone not be into blue and teal?? haha!
    Jess - glad to hear it, hope they don't dissapoint!
    Jasmine - me too :)

  6. Obviously, you like turquoise, purple and glitter ALOT. LOL j/k. Love the colors!! Some of them are faves of mine too. :) For Audrey is the only one I own, but I want Ski Teal We Drop, Spontaneous and a few others. :) There's a store near me that has the LA Color Craze line for $1 a bottle .. I'll check for this one and if I find it, give you a shout out .. and I'll ship it off to you.

  7. You're a darling :)
    If you ever find one, I'll swap you something for it!

  8. Sounds great, Rebecca .. I'll keep my eyes PEELED! Would you consider a dupe by "Jordanna"? They both put out *alot* of the same colors .. I'm convinced they're the same company and just keeping it under wraps. I even have a few dupes from them an didn't realize it til I got home and said "AWW *BEEEP*!" LOL

  9. I've never even heard of Jordanna! Haha.
    I'm not sure if it would be the exact same though, I own a LOT of teal and nothing really comes close!

    And I know what you mean about coming home with dupes. I am trying so hard not to buy dupes lately!! hahaha

  10. I just checked .. and Jordana is actually famous for doing MILANI dupes. So, I was mistaken! LOL Glad I checked. Here's the link I originally saw. I hope it's ok to post here, if not - feel free to delete it. But, I DO have a Jordana/LA Color dupe. The LA Color polish is called Static Electricity. I have alot of their polishes, I really like them. They all have a great formula for such a bargain polish. Right now I have on "Force" .. it's an orange foil/shimmer. I think it's pretty unique. :) I will DEFINITELY check for Sea Siren for you and like I said, they carry alot of their colors so if you see any you like online and can't find them where you are, let me know and I'll check. I'd be happy to swap with you. :)

  11. I have Static Electricity too! Love it.
    And thanks, you're a doll :)

  12. I found a website that sells sea siren! and sally hansen chromes and prisms :D

  13. I love purple and blues, so we are on the same wavelength on that. Don't own any of your top 5 colors, though.


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