Monday, February 21, 2011

wet n wild fast dry swatches

Hi! I finished my exams! I'm free!
That is why I haven't blogged in almost 2 full days. (In my defense this post WAS started before midnight.)
Yesterday was all study and since then I've been just relaxing.
So, to make up for it, I did a lot of swatching today!

First I have three new polishes from Wet N Wild to show you.

Swatches and review after the jump!

These are from the new line of Wet N Wild polishes called Fast Dry.
Fast dry, they are not.
The names are all wordplay on TV shows, some are funny, some are certainly not.

The first one I'll show you is FushiaRama. This one I bought just because my boyfriend and I really liked the name. Sadly the polish was not good.

First of all, as you can see it is not the same color as it is in the bottle.

At first I thought I was going to be really happy with it. It started applying just like the new OPI sorbet finish. I thought I had lucked into a cheap version of one of those!
...And then it started drying.

As you can see, the finish is a bit like the Orly Plastix collection,  but in a weird way.
This is 4 coats. 5 on the middle finger because I dented it when I picked up my camera so I added another.

4 coats and still VNL! And weird matte-ish finish!

And then it was a nightmare to take off. Even after 10+ minutes of trying to get accurate pictures it wasn't at all dry.
It was like the remover wasn't dissolving it and it was goopy and not at all like normal polish. Sticky mess.
So I started using the side of a Q-tip to SCRAPE it off. Picture of that in a minute.
Not happy with this polish. I was looking forward to the color in the bottle but then it dried stupid and was too dark and the formula sucked. Bleh.
Actually considering exchanging this for another one from the collection because it sucks so bad.

After that failure, I fell in love.
With Hannah Pinktana. What a name.

This is a light pink, sort of mauve. With scattered holo glitter. 4 coats. Probably could have gotten away with 3 if I was careful.

I really like this polish, despite the horrible name.

Out of focus to see more holo goodness! I am actually surprised at the amount of it for such a low-end polish.
This polish kinda reminded me of Katy Perry for OPI - Teenage Dream, so I took a picture of the bottles.

Not too close, but on the nails it looks a bit closer. If you look at the first HP picture, on the nail it isn't quite as purple as it is in the bottle.
I put one coat of Teenage Dream over Hannah Pinktana to see what that would be like.

Cute! Pretty similar to teenage dream alone, but a bit darker.
I think this is useful because using 4 coats of Teenage Dream every time can run out your bottle pretty fast. And I am in love with Teenage Dream so making it last longer would be nice.

Much more sparkley this way!
Anyway, then removal was fun...

As with FushiaRama, it didn't come close to drying, so I scraped it all off with the sides of a Q-tip. (FushiaRama Q-tip seen in the back.)
I guess with some Seche Vite it would dry, and the 5 coats including TD I'm sure had something to do with it, but still.
Not exactly the best formula.

And then we have Teal of Fortune! Love this name too, I am a sucker for game shows.

Really pretty color. Reminiscent of Catch Me In Your Net/Charla/Choose Me.
Teal, leaning more blue, with nice microshimmer. 3 coats.

VNL is really prominent in these pictures, but it wasn't in person.
I really like this color, it's very bold. I will definitely wear it!
I was nervous of removal after my previous experiences, but it wasn't quite as bad as the others... minus the staining. I had to use a lot of Q-tips to avoid staining by way of pushing the polish around and around on the nail.
Sadly though I am left with slightly blue nails (also due to the swatching I did after this polish.)

Staining isn't usually an issue for me where I generally pick/peel off my polish when I'm ready for a change, but that wasn't possible when swatching.

Overall disappointed with the formula, but 2/3 were beautiful colors.

The brush is pretty bad as well, the bristles seem to be cut on an angle which made applying it more tricky than usual. The bristles were also really hard. I find it weird that a company who has been making nail polish for so long would have such bad brushes.

I would recommend Hannah Pinktana and Teal of  Fortune so long as you have a quick dry top coat.
But don't get FushiaRama. Just don't.


  1. I got Grey's Anatomy and Blue Wants to be a Millionaire, and I came out disappointed too. Grey's Anatomy is ok-ish just not nearly as beautiful as it was in the bottle.

  2. I love the teal of fortune!! Is there a pattern here? :)

    I like the Hannah one too, but I have teenage dream coming in the mail!!! Hopefully this week.


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