Wednesday, February 23, 2011

green zebra

I know I said I was going to post the first half of my 10 favorite polishes post today, but while doing my nails last night I realized I had left out an important polish.
So I need to add a new one (and take pictures!)
I'll do it tomorrow and post it then!

So for today I have some simple nail art for you.
I'm running out of my archive of photos to post each day!

Look at those short nails! They used to be this short all the time.
Sadly they are almost this short right now.

The polish seen here is an unnamed one from Ardene.
The first coat was SUPER sheer, and I assumed it would take 4+ coats for full opacity, but somehow, this was only 2 coats!
It was a strange, strange polish.

I used Bundle Monster plate BM16 for the zebra design. I think this zebra image is a lot more zebra-y than the konad one!

Favorite polishes tomorrow. I promise!


  1. I really like that neon green! I had never heard of Ardene so i had to look it up...what a fun looking store!! They have such cute stuff!!

  2. That green is funky!!


  3. thanks guys :)
    and yes jess, it is cute but sadly most of their stuff isn't the best quality. but cute while it lasts! haha