Monday, February 14, 2011

hidden treasure

Of all the talks today about the new OPI collection and pirate's treasure, I decided to post a picture of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure!

I know this is something we've all seen, but this is my favorite combo.

This is over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Going Green.
I lucked into getting a bottle of this LONG after people everywhere were wishing they hadn't missed it in their towns.
I even saw at least 5 bottles after I bought mine, and I wish I had have bought some spares because I could have sold them or swapped them!

I'm not even a huge fan of it, for some reason, but I'm happy it's part of my collection.


  1. Oh wow i like that combo! I have yet to find Hidden Treasure anywhere around me!

  2. I have looked and looked and can't find it either. I want to see it on a teal like Milani Neon Fresh Teal.

  3. thank you aurora! and thank you jess for all your comments today! you're sweet.
    next time i change my nails i'll swatch Hidden Treasure over a teal for you to see :)

  4. Thank You!! I can't wait to see it!! I hope it's everything i think it will be :)