Wednesday, February 2, 2011

in the navy

Yesterday I posted the nails I wore for Halloween, today I'll post the nails I did for my friend to match her Halloween costume.
She was a cute little sailor!

This is Color Craze Static Electricity, and OPI Absolutely Alice on the pinkies.
I used Xtreme Wear White On for the union jacks, with an unnamed red polish.
The anchors were done with LA Colors Art Deco black. (That would have been easier with the nail art pens! Too bad I didn't have them then.)
I used an unnamed silver and rhinestones from ebay on the other nails.

I loved these. A lot.

I got the inspiration for these from nails I had done myself a few months before.

This picture is a more accurate representation of Static Electricity.
This was one of my first nail art adventures, and it was before I had my Canon Rebel, so the quality is terrible for 2 reasons! 

Now that I have striper brushes, the union jacks would be SO much easier.


  1. I love this! I am bored & im going through all your old posts hehe I love you blog so much!

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