Thursday, February 24, 2011

my favorite nail polishes - part 1

I thought long and hard about this because I really wanted to do this post.
I feel like I could be leaving some of my babies out, and I changed one last night, and I feel like one is out of order because my love for it has grown, however, I'm sure it could never be perfect!

So with no further ado, #10-6 of my favorite nail polishes.

 #10: China Glaze - For Audrey.
This was the late addition to the group.
I used this in the mani I did last night and remembered how beautiful it is.
Tiffany blue creme, nothing more to say than that! Applies in 2 easy coats.
I think I will be wearing this a lot this spring.

#9: China Glaze - Spontaneous
This is a medium-light purple creme.
This color is an exact dupe for a Claires polish I wore all through junior high and probably even before that. Since then, the Claires one has been too thick and even polish thinner won't help it, so when I found Spontaneous I was delighted!
3 coats for perfect opacity.

#8: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Blue Me Away!
This is the brightest blue I own. This is a simple bright blue creme, almost opaque in one coat! This is 2 just to be sure.
I use this a lot in different ways, I might need to get a second bottle eventually.
I have a lot of shades like this but most are shimmery, however I prefer it in creme.

 #7: OPI - Ski Teal We Drop
I got this for my birthday!
I used to strictly wear black nail polish in high school, and this is a good color for those days when I want dark nails but not fully black.
This is a really dark navy creme that in certain lights leans teal, and I think it looks really good on short nails especially.
If you're really careful you can get away with 2 coats, but usually I need three.

#6: Katy Perry for OPI - Teenage Dream
This color is a recent addition to my collection and has immediately gone into my top favorites.
As I said just a few weeks ago, this is an amazing sheer light pink base filled with light pink glitter and larger holographic silver round glitter.
I just stare at this when I wear it. 
This is the one I was talking about in the beginning when I said something is out of order. I think this should be closer to the top.

There you have it!
Do we have any favorite in common yet?


  1. I like all of your choices, especially #10. it's really close one of favorites (at least right now).

    I'm really like ski teal we drop too!!

    I can't wait to see the rest!! :o)

  2. I love the O.P.I. one =) I'm totally going to get it!

  3. Of these five, I own four! And yes, they're my favorites too! The only one I don't have is Ski Teal We Drop, but I guess I should really pick that one up.

  4. I just discovered your blog through Emerald Sparkled and aside from the fact that the heart manicure drew me in, we share a name so I had to become a follower! I've had For Audrey for a few months now and had never used it before. Then last week, I used it as a base for Cracked Concrete crackle polish and it is now one of my favorites! Such a gorgeous color! I also love Ski Teal We Drop (I wore it with a holo topcoat from Sally's a few weeks ago and it looked awesome). I think I have the Sally turquoise color too. :)

  5. For Audrey is definitely on my top 10 list! It's definitely the first one that came to mind when a friend asked about my favorite, many months (and polishes) ago.


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