Saturday, February 26, 2011

china glaze crackle

Even though this stuff wasn't supposed to hit shelves until next week sometime, a bunch of salons here put them out on Thursday!
When I found out, I immediately went to 2 salons in the mall to try and get the ones I wanted, to no avail.
Then I found out that Sally's had put theirs out too! And once I got there, none left!
Thankfully, I have a friend who works at another salon, and she put these babies on hold for me. Last ones too!

I plan on getting the others whenever Sally's gets them restocked. Maybe not the black though, still can't decide if it makes sense to have 2 bottles of Black Shatter and get Black Mesh.

So here is what I did this morning :)

It's crackalackin! Hah!

I think I like this hand better. More smaller crackling.

This is all China Glaze.
I alternated For Audrey and It's Poppin (from the Kicks collection) as a base, and then used Broken Hearted and Crushed Candy for the crackles!

Also, this was a bit inspired by my blog friend, the lovely Leslie!
Check out her post with these polishes here.

I can't wait to get the others.
I think I'm going to be forced into buying every crackle/shatter that comes out. I'm too obsessed.


  1. Seriously, you are going to get me in trouble. I am going to have to go out and get these now!! :o)

    how hard is it to remove?

  2. Aww, thanks for the shout-out girlie! Congrats too on doing some nails inspired by your heart design! That's sure to get you lots of new traffic/audience!

  3. Jess, I know the OPI one isn't hard to remove at all, so I wouldn't imagine these are. I'll let you know when it's time for these to come off.

    Leslie, no problem! And I KNOW right, i have 46 new followers and counting. I'm shocked!!