Friday, July 6, 2012

Color Club / Funky Fingers Neon Fractured Collection

Good morning!

Today I've got a crackle post! Love me some crackle.
My friend Lori is the Crackle Fairy and she sent me some of the new Funky Fingers Neon Crackles, which are the same as the new Color Club Neon Fractured polishes! (FF and CC are made by the same company and almost all FF are CC dupes.)
Lori and I share a huge love for Color Club, so of course I wanted these polishes.

I decided to use all four of the ones I got for a crackle skittle mani!

Pink = Funky Fingers - Neon Pink Crackle / Color Club - Burst Thing's First
Purple = Funky Fingers - Neon Purple Crackle / Color Club - Shock Rock
Blue = Funky Fingers - Neon Blue Crackle / Color Club - Take a Crack At It
Green = Funky Fingers - Neon Green Crackle / Color Club - Living On The Edge
(There is also an orange and a yellow but I didn't want those.)

These all worked so well and are so bright and fun! The only issue I had was that the green one left the white polish underneath with a light greeny-yellow tint.
I haven't tried it over other colors to see if it leaves the tint behind on everything, but I'd say it does. It probably would be difficult to notice over other colors, though!

Awkward 2-hand photo time. Posting it despite the awkwardness because I just love these nails!
I'm pumped to try these out over more colors. Endless combinations!


  1. I was never really feeling crackle polishes, but I really like it done as a skittle mani like this :)

  2. lindos, amei as cores, se puder passa no meu tem um post sobre como carimbar as unhas com duas cores, de esmalte. Bejus

  3. I love this bright skittle! I wish I had crackling polishes in various colors!

  4. i love these colors! i'm still a huge crackle fan

  5. Love this look. Even though I'm not a crackle fan.

  6. I was kind of over crackles til I saw this, love it!

  7. I love the shades of these crackles!

  8. this is so fun! love the colors.

  9. A Five Below recently opened up near me and I got the neon orange crackle - it's soo fun to play with!!

  10. lovelovelove! almost like (shattered) stain glass~!

  11. loveeeee. I love me some crackle too! Wonder what's cheaper Funky Fingers or Color Club? I'm kinda guessing Color Club cause they have fancier names.

    1. Color Club retails for $8 a bottle and Funky Fingers is 3/$5! (crackles are $2/5, i think.)
      BUT, CC can be found at stores like Ross and you get 7 bottles for 8 bucks. so it really depends where you get them :)

  12. I love this mani, not exactly a fan of the crackle trend but it looks so good when you do it like this!

  13. This totally looks like skittles! I bet these would look awesome over a nice light creme polish too. I might have to grab some from my local 5 Below store.

  14. I love skittle manis, I love crackle, and I love white. This is like the perfect combo mani! So cute!

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