Monday, July 9, 2012

my first mani with the 2012 bundle monster plates!

Hi everyone!

Today I'm gonna show you the first mani I did with the brand spankin' new plates from Bundle Monster!

There are a lot of really awesome images on these plates, and I had a hard time picking which one to use first.
In my indecisive mood, I ended up picking one I normally wouldn't. But I think the result is cute!

This is a floral image from BM-321 stamped on top of China Glaze Pink Plumeria.

I think the flowers kinda remind me of snowflakes so it feels a little weird.
It is cute though!

I love love love the new Bundle Monster plates. I'm so thankful to have won them! There will be many manis coming up soon with the awesome new images. Many manis.Many mani. Okay.

Here's a pic of Pink Plumeria on its own. I will soon be posting swatches of all 12 China Glaze Summer Neons. I am working on swatching the rest of them today! And then there will be a big spammy neon post. Woo!

Have a lovely Monday!


  1. I have been seeing so many cools designs done with Bundle Monster plates lately- I have to get them!

  2. awesome polish and stamp!!

  3. I should be getting my plates tomorrow, I'm super excitedto try them!

  4. I've been putting ordering them off, posts like yours makes it harder to resist :-)

  5. Lucky! I just bought the set from 2010 just because they have an anchor one!

  6. If I could stamp as beautifully as you, I'd order these plates too!! :)

  7. Hello Rebecca, i found your blog and start to follow you, all my compliments

  8. That is adorable! Not too snowflakey--I wouldn't have thought that if you hadn't said it. If you stamped in white it'd be different, but the black on pink with that print is so retro-fabulous!

  9. I am wearing Pink Plumeria and thinking of stamping, and I found your page looking for ideas.

    Great job on this one! I love Pink Plumeria, it is one of the best colors out this summer. It just has a special glow in addition to being a beautiful color. The golden shimmer is so lovely.


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