Wednesday, July 4, 2012

LA Girl - Celebrate

Okay, this is funny.
I am Canadian and I did not find time to do a Canada-Day-Mani - but I happen to have a Fourth-of-July-Appropriate-Swatch to show you today.
(It's been in my swatch folder for a while so I didn't really do it on purpose, but hey, if it works, it works!)

LA Girl Glitter Addict - Celebrate
Red and blue glitter, this is a patriotic polish for sure! (But with some pink mixed in.)
I was really pleased with the consistency of this polish and I've shown just one coat over Sephora by OPI - Pushing Your Luck.

LA Girl polishes are usually only $2 or $3 and I'd definitely pick up more of the Glitter Addict line.
I'm not a huge fan of their other lines, though. 

Ah, glitter. Can we ever get enough? Probably not.


  1. i have that polish! perfect for the 4th!

  2. I have a bunch of these and love them all! Looks fab on you

  3. I love their glitter line too, and I think they have some really cool colours in their Rock Star line as well :)

  4. Super pretty over the red!

  5. i just recently discovered this brand. some of their colors are kinda boring but you should check out the disco brites line

  6. I bought that polish awhile ago and never even thought about using it on the 4th of July! How funny! I think of it as a poor man's version of Lynnderella Boy Girl Party!

  7. I love all glitters! They are my water and air! Where can you buy LA Girl polish? I've never seen them in any stores before.

    1. i find it at local dollar stores and some clothing stores, but you can also get it on beautyjoint and cherryculture!

  8. i love it, i have one! it's perfect for everything!

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