Sunday, July 1, 2012

some manis look better from a distance

Hey guys!

Busy busy busy, it seems I am always busy lately. I promise I will try and get my posting back on a regular schedule!
I have a few moments to write a post now - so it's gonna be short, but it's better than nothing!

I wore this mani the other day, and I love the look... But I did it so poorly! I tried to do it freehand and I really should have used tape so my perfectionist-self could be happy. But no, I had to do it the "fast" way which means the "not as good" way.
So, you're getting one non-zoomed picture. It's just too laughable up close!

It's still pretty cute though, right?
I used China Glaze - I'm With The Lifeguard (green) and Love's A Beach (pink,) and then Color Club Where's The Soiree? for the black.

I really wanna do this again. But with patience. And tape.


  1. i REALLY like this!!! i agree, i use tape for everything, cuz i am picky, too. i've been rocking a pink gradient, and keep kicking myself cuz i was in a hurry and the sponging didn't get as close to the sides of my nail as i would have liked. oh well. :)

  2. this is awesome! i LOVE neons with black.

  3. Looks awesome! Some nails are better seen at a distance lool!

  4. That green looks awesome against the black. Gorgeous.

  5. super cute! that's how a lot of mine turn out lol

  6. Well, from a distance it looks REALLY amazing! I love the colors!

  7. Ficou lindo curto muito, cores, gosto muito do seu blog estoub te seguindo, conheça o meu gostando, siga-me

  8. It looks better than mine! I tried this once and it looked like ghetto acrylics! I think you did a lovely job!

  9. such a cool look, it looks great from a distance :)


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