Thursday, July 5, 2012

(delayed) june haul

Holy crap, where did June go?!
It went so fast, I forgot to do my haul post for the month.

Here it is, 5 days late!

I didn't personally buy very much this month, but I got a huuuuuuuge and amazing swap. Let's see it!

Look at all that Essence!! This was my reaction:

Replace the Goosebumps with polish.
Tinka, thank you for the amazing swap!!! I am still blown away!
I hope you are just as happy when your OPI family makes it to you. :)

Here's a list of the polishes: (not in photo order)
Essence Nail Art Twins -  Carrie & Mr. Big
Essence Nail Art Twins -  Joe & Victory
Essence Nail Art Twins -  Bonnie & Clyde
Essence Nail Art Twins - Thelma & Louise
Essence Colour & Go - What Do U Think?
Essence Colour & Go - Princess Prunella
Essence Colour & Go - Passion for Fashion
Essence Colour & Go - Blue Addicted
Essence Colour & Go - Rock It, Baby!
Essence Colour & Go - Sundancer
Essence Colour & Go - Underwater
Essence Colour & Go - Pool Party
Essence Colour & Go - Absolutely Blue
Essence Colour & Go - Rock Rebel
Essence Colour & Go - Enchanted Fairy
Essence Colour & Go - Kiss Me Goodbye
Essence Colour & Go - Very Berry
Essence Colour & Go - I Want That!
Essence Colour & Go - Icy Princess
Essence Colour & Go - Fabuless
Essence Colour & Go - Got A Secret
Essence Colour & Go - No Doubt
Essence Colour & Go - It's Khaki Time!
Essence Colour & Go - Glisten Up!
Essence Colour & Go - Viva La Green
Essence Colour & Go - Date With The Night
Essence Colour & Go - Gold Fever
Essence Colour & Go - Shining Star
Essence Colour & Go - Reach Peach
H&M Hello Kitty - Kitty Princess

H&M Hello Kitty - Kitty Queen
H&M Hello Kitty - Silver Kitty

Okay, that aside, I think I did pretty good!

I got some random OPI's from a few different places:
OPI - Pirouette My Whistle
OPI - Sit Under The Apple Tree
OPI - Alpine Snow Matte 
OPI - Houston We Have A Purple (clearance! $4)
OPI - Navy Shatter (free!)

I got some Glitter Gal for review from Ninja Polish:
Glitter Gal - Hidden Violets
Glitter Gal - Wild Violets
Glitter Gal - Soft Violet

I got two amazing polishes from Amy @ I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous:
Nail-Venturous - Girly Girl
Nail-Venturous - The Shimmer Effect

I got the second half of my winnings from China Glaze:
China Glaze - I'm With The Lifeguard
China Glaze - Beach Cruise-r
China Glaze - Hang-Ten Toes
China Glaze - Splish Splash
China Glaze - Under the Boardwalk
China Glaze - Surfin' For Boys

A dear friend Lori (aka The Crackle Fairy) sent me some Funky Fingers:
Funky Fingers - Neon Blue Crackle
Funky Fingers - Neon Purple Crackle
Funky Fingers - Neon Pink Crackle
Funky Fingers - Neon Green Crackle
Funky Fingers - Prince Charming 

I bought 2 Orly glitters from the Flash Glam FX Collection:
Orly - Spazmatic
Orly - Mermaid Tale

And three things that don't have a category:
Joe Fresh - Starry
NYC - Lavender Cupcake (thanks Marissa!)
Hello Kitty for Sephora - Pink Cupcake (thanks Amber!)

In total, that is a whopping 62 polishes. Yikes.
But I only personally purchased 8 of those 62. Justified!

July ain't lookin' so good. I did some shopping today... Haha!


  1. OMG I just laughed so damn hard at the Goosbumps photo. Made my night!

  2. LMFAO ermahgerd... I always feel so guilty for laughing at that poor girl, some of those memes are so mean lol. Anyways, those Essence polishes look great :] and 62

    1. kinda mean... but i just remember that this girl no longer looks like that and probably laughs at herself too!! HA!
      i can't google "ermahgerd" anymore... i always cry laughing!

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  4. oh my, soooo many!!!! I'm so jealous! ha! :)


  5. WOAH! so many goodies! enjoy :)

  6. Ermahgerd sums up my reaction pretty good as well!!! LOL

  7. so many essence! lucky you!! we only have a couple colors here

  8. I can never fine Essence polishes > <

  9. OMG DEAD at those Essence polishes. Soooooo jealous! I absolutely love Essence!

  10. How sad I couldn't see your reaction ;)
    I loved Goosebumps as a child!! :D

  11. haha! :D
    You're so lucky to have Joe & Victory now!! I want them so bad!! :D The only old twin I have is Bonnie and I looooove it!

  12. WOW you got a LOT of polishes! :D

  13. Wow what a great swap! I had the same reaction to my swap with Tinka, lol! Love it!

  14. Essence twinsssss!!! Joe & Victory!! ::drools:: So so pretty! Can't wait to see swatches :)