Tuesday, July 31, 2012

july haul

Whoops. Whooooooops. Triple whoops.
I have not been good in July. I'm working a lot and I'm making a lot of money. So I spend a lot of money.

Let's see what I got this month...
(Also HOLY CRAP it is the last day of July already?!)

I ordered some things from Apothica with my sponsorship funds:
Deborah Lippmann - On The Beach
Deborah Lippmann - Sweet Dreams
Deborah Lippmann - Bad Romance
Deborah Lippmann - Between The Sheets

As usual I picked up a lot of random OPI's along the way, mostly on sale for around $2:
OPI - Nothin Mousie Bout It
OPI - A Dozen Rosas
OPI - Mauving to Manitoba
OPI - Steady As She Rose
OPI - Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow Suede
OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark Matte

I got two wishlist polishes from a great lady named Gina:
OPI - Chica-go Get A Manicure
China Glaze - Electric Lilac

Picked up some colors from the China Glaze On Safari Collection:
China Glaze - I Herd That
China Glaze - I'm Not Lion
China Glaze - Exotic Encounters
I went crazy at Sally Beauty while they had some clearance sales on:
Orly - Preamp
Orly - Decades of Dysfunction
Orly - Dayglo
Orly - Glitz
Orly - After Party
China Glaze - Glam-More
China Glaze - Gleam Me Up
China Glaze - Jade-d
China Glaze - Luminous Lavender
The wonderful Destany sent me two Milanis:
Milani - Sail Away
Milani - Mint Candy

I actually bought the Julep box this month because I wanted the Canada polish:
Julep - O Canada!
Julep - Daphne
Julep - Mila
Julep - Kate

Line, my favorite Danish girl, sent me the cutest polish:
Depend - 303

I bought some polishes from another friend, Wendy:
OPI - Paint Your Toron-toes Rose
Color Club - Snow Queen
Color Club - Killer Curves
Orly - Fancy Fuchsia

Nicole by OPI went on sale:
Nicole by OPI - Disco Dolls
Nicole by OPI - Canadian Star
Nicole by OPI - Top of My World
Nicole by OPI - Coral Denominator

I swapped with Nicole from Elixir Lacquers:
Elixir Lacquers - With A K

I bought some minis from Rainbow Honey:
Rainbow Honey - The Worst Possible Thing
Rainbow Honey - Pinkie Promise
Rainbow Honey - The Element of Magic

Found a new polish line at a drug store with interesting glitters:
True Colors - Mystic Grape
True Colors - Remember Me

As you saw yesterday, I got some piCture pOlishes for review:
piCture pOlish - Mirage
piCture pOlish - Pshiiit

As you will see sometime soon, I've got the new Glitter Gal collection to review:
Glitter Gal - Hell-Bent Blue
Glitter Gal - Distorted Platinum
Glitter Gal - Warped Teal
Glitter Gal - Twisted Jealousy
Glitter Gal - Contorted Mauve
Glitter Gal - Buckled Bronze

I crossed another polish off my wishlist thanks to my friend Marcy:
Illamasqua - Raindrops

My new friend Jini sent me some great polishes:
Nails Inc. - Sweets Way
Nails Inc. - Pudding Lane
Nails Inc. - Topping Lane
China Glaze - Smoke and Ashes

And I've got one thing that doesn't belong in a category from a random drugstore sale:
China Glaze - Glittering Garland

To re-use a joke from yesterday... Holy Pshiiit.
I'm not even going to count them because that would just be a joke. A painful joke.

If it helps, I'm in the middle of purging, and I am calling August a low-buy month.


  1. I understand your pain! I just finished listing mine to post tomorrow morning. I'm so envious of your Illamasqua Raindrops! Its my number one lemming

  2. ditto on the raindrops! super jelly ;)

  3. completely jealous. I haven't bought a polish since July 5th. It's totally killing me, I might have to reward myself with a few once my exams are done! :D

  4. Wowza! That's a lot of polish! I'm doing my monthly haul tomorrow. I haven't added up the total yet... ouch!

  5. I thought I had been bad in July! Truth be told, I'm terrified of doing posts like this. Seeing it all detailed like that makes it seem so much worse when we know, it's just a few bottles, right? RIGHT?!

    I am calling August a NO BUY month. The sad thing is, I got so many pretty nail polishes and I'm not even wearing any at the moment because I'm doing a treatment trying to get my nails to stop peeling.

    Also, I die for Illamasqua Raindrops. So jealous.

  6. if here in italy were opi on sale for 2$ I think I could have a heart attack.. have you ever thought about selling them online? some girls like me would buy them!!

    1. shipping costs from canada are pretty bad so no, i haven't tried doing it. and the ones that are on sale so cheap are usually in small quantities, i snag the only good ones! haha

  7. Wowzers! What a haul. The Nails Inc sprinkles are gorgeous. If it makes you feel any better I am on a "ban" and have managed to still accidentally buy a ridiculous amount of polish this month too. ALL THE EXCITING NEW STUFF AND SALES happen when I'm on a ban, so I have justified it. Kind of.

    1. that is ALWAYS what happens! good stuff HAS to come out when we aren't supposed to be buying...

  8. OPI for $2? This makes me want to cry a little bit...

  9. Well I won't lie. That's quite a LIST! I'm so jealous!!!
    OPI for 2$? They sell them where I live for 16$ =(. I'm even more jealous!!

  10. Whoa! And I thought I was being bad- lol! I just bought a ton of Butter Londons and five bottles of CG. And Sweets Way from Nails, Inc. But your haul is EPIC! I'm actually kinda jealous :)

  11. Wow what a haul! Seeing it all written down sounds scary but I'm sure it was spread through the month! Where do you get your OPI for $2?

    1. a local drugstore called lawtons has some clearanced to 1.99 or they will have sets of two for $5 and stuff like that. as well a local professional beauty supply marks down their super old things.

  12. haha this is awesome. I was just now talking to my sister about how good we've been with not buying much polish over the last couple months but now we want EVERYTHING. I have a feeling my August is going to look a lot like this.

  13. Daaayyuuumm!!! That's a lotta polish! What a wonderful thing! :-)

  14. OPI for $2!!! Amazing. I refuse to acknowledge anything I bought in July, it did not happen :)

  15. Holy Pshiiit is right girl!!! You bought like half my entire collection in one month! And where do you get the OPIs on sale for $2? I just got Nothin Mousie Bout It and had to pay $8.50!

    1. i'll copy what i just said in my last comment - a local drugstore called lawtons has some clearanced to 1.99 or they will have sets of two for $5 and stuff like that. as well a local professional beauty supply marks down their super old things.
      i still (usually) pay full price for new things :) (but luckily full price for me is only $6!)

  16. you hooked it up girl. im jealous of your raindrops!

  17. Dannngg, Toronto definitely doesn't have OPI for $2 </3