Thursday, August 2, 2012

hey mom, quit copying me!

Good morning everyone! I've got a fun post coming your way today.

Some of you may know that I've somehow wound up with two moms in my life - my real mom and my internet mom. You would think that no sane person would willingly think of me as their child without having birthed me but hey, I guess I am that charming.

This lovely (and insane) woman that I am referring to is Laurie from Dressed Up Digits. She and I met ages ago when my blog was just starting and she was totally a fangirl and she stroked my big ego. Somehow we wound up becoming very good friends and here we are! She started her own blog and now she's got a big ego of her own because I am a fan of hers too!
(The best thing about an internet mom? She can give good advice but she can't make you clean your room.)

A few weeks ago I showed Laurie a cool mani I had done and she loved it, and decided to do it too! So now I'm posting it today, and so is she.

Tada! A fancy, vampy tape mani featuring OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark Suede.

Some of these photos show topcoat over the whole nail and some don't. I liked it both ways.

I freakin' love the OPI Suede polishes and I've just finished rounding up all 7 of them! Yay!
(That being said... I've only got 2 of the OPI Matte ones... Hmmmmm....)

Here's OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark Suede on its own. 2 coats of glorious, suede-y goodness.
I love that you can apply these polishes super fast and be out the door right away because they take about 10 seconds to dry. It's awesome. I always use them when I am in a pinch.

Some of my friends thought that this mani looked like dragon's eyes or something, but I don't see it. It's triangles. Triangles! I don't want dragon-eye-nails! Heh.

Now everyone go check out Laurie's post!
Who do you think rocked the mani better? Me? I thought so! ;)


  1. oh i just love that polish, i only have opi ink suede.. :( they are so hard to find here so should buy them from the internet

  2. I love Opi suede, I have got two - We'll Always Have Paris and You Don't Know Jacques Suede. Lincoln park... looks so nice

  3. really sexy look! ans i love that you call her your internet mom :)

  4. I might have to go get those suede... My JCPenney still has them

  5. so, so, so pretty!!!

    And now that you mention it they totally remind me of dragons eyes, but only because of the tattoo my ex bf has of a dragon that has a purple eye :)

  6. Really cute story! I love the suede polishes too! This mani looks great!

  7. Wow love that! Definitely stealing it sometime haha! I can see why she copied! :)

  8. This is seriously gorgeous. I NEED (yes, NEED) that OPI polish.

  9. Sometimes and only sometimes internet daughters do know best!!!!

  10. So pretty! :)
    I'm so jealous that you have an "internet mum"! Actually, I sort of do too :) Even though she's only 10 years older than me. x)

  11. The suede finish is matte-ish, no? I've always wondered what the suede polishes look like with a glossy top coat.

  12. Very vampy! I kind of want to grab some of this polish now!

  13. It's gorgeous, I don't have any of the OPI suedes (no stockist near me - probably a good thing). Really nice!

  14. Have I been under a rock? How did I miss the Suedes? Where do you get them?

  15. According to my friend Google I missed the suede collection because it was 3 years ago. I wasn't really into polish at that time. :)

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  17. I really love this! I wish my hands were steady when it came to painting my nails. Are the suede hard to mess up on?