Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Different Dimension - That Is So Fetch!, Puzzle Pieces, & 50 Shades

Good morning lovelies! 
To continue with my indie posts (might this be indie-week?) I am showing you three polishes from the indie brand Different Dimension!

Missi from Different Dimension creates polishes inspired by things that she loves!
You'll find collections inspired by Mean Girls, The Big Bang Theory, 50 Shades of Grey, World of Warcraft, etc!
It seems Missi and I share some similar interests so of course I was stoked on the themes of her polishes.

QR code labels! Pretty cool.
The bottles are nice and big and sturdy and the brush is flawless! Gotta love a good brush.

Ready for swatches?!
I'm going to start with the full-on stunner of these three polishes.

Different Dimension - That Is So Fetch!
Please click on that photo and view it full size. This polish is so gorgeous!
It is inspired by the movie Mean Girls and if you didn't know that already then you and me probably can't be friends. I can recite the whole movie, basically. So good.

This is one glitter-packed coat of That Is So Fetch! over two coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Raspberry Race.
Fetch is full of different purple glitters and iridescent teal square glitters! Purple and teal? Yes please.

The glitter spreads easily and without fuss. I appreciate that. It also isn't too bumpy before topcoat! You'll just need a normal topcoat to smooth it out perfectly.

This polish is so fetch. It really is.

I also layered it over Zoya - Lotus and it was really gorgeous but my lighting was not cooperating so here's one mediocre photo of that:

Purple fans, glitter fans, Mean Girls fans, you need this polish.

Next up!

Different Dimension - Puzzle Pieces
Rainbow glitter topcoat! And for a good cause! This polish is inspired by the Autism Awareness ribbon and 50% of the profits will be donated to Autism Speaks, a charity that is near and dear to Missi.

There's glitter in every color of the rainbow, and shredded glitter too! There's also some iridescent stuff goin' on. It's super cute!

I've layered it here over Orly - Decades of Dysfunction, a nice neutral beige, to let all the colors pop!
This is two coats of glitter.

I find that the base of these polishes dries nice and quick so you don't have to worry too much about waiting between coats to avoid dragging all the glitter around. The formula is very nice.

At the end of this post I've got a wheel photo with more combos of this polish which are also adorable so keep an eye out for that after the last swatch!

Different Dimension - 50 Shades
Not too hard to decipher what this polish is inspired by! (Not gotta lie, I read the books, they're pretty enjoyable.)
This polish has a shimmery gray base and a ton of different glitters.

I've layered just one coat of this over Essence - Grey-t To Be Here, and the base of 50 Shades darkens it quite a bit, while adding a ton of shimmer and a ton of glitter. It's a glitter bomb.

The description says the polish consists of "black & white shreds, gunmetal & matte grey hex glitter, superfine grey flakies, black hex, holographic silver squares, as well as black, sparkling white, holographic silver ultrafine glitter and holographic grey glitter!"
That is a lot of glitter. And it totally works!

I love the holo mixed with the black and gray. It's awesome.

These three polishes all totally impressed me! You know I am skeptical of all hand-made polishes but I have no complains whatsoever about Different Dimension and I definitely recommend checking out her shop.

Here's one last wheel shot for your viewing pleasure.

Here I've shown Puzzle Pieces over a light pink (super adorable), 50 Shades over a darker gray, That Is So Fetch! over a more vibrant purple (yum), and finally, a jelly sandwich with Puzzle Pieces!
The jelly sandwich is a coat of white, then glitter, then sheer white, then glitter again. I adore it.

Different Dimension polishes are 15mL for $8.50 and you can get them right here.
Shipping for the US and Canada is provided in the listings but she also ships internationally, just send her a message!
As well you can check out DD on Facebook.

And now for the best part of this post - a coupon code!
Missi has generously offered 20% off for my readers for 2 weeks in her Etsy store!
Enter the code REBECCA20 at checkout for the discount.

Product provided for honest review.


  1. 50 Shades is a really awesome color! My fav of the three :)

  2. Oh, glittery goodness! So pretty. And thankfully my no-buy August is almost over. I sense a binge coming though..

  3. I love them all! *wallet cries*

  4. That Is So Fetch! is my favorite of the three! It's really pretty.

  5. Aah your coupon code is enabling me to buy! I love 50 Shades, and I also saw on her site she has awesome team colors polishes, and a JELLY DUOCHROME polish named after Twilight... Not gonna lie, I squealed a little when I saw it!! Gorgeous swatches as always!

  6. I want the Mean Girls polish! Now! Absolutely gorgeous, am off to investigate this international shipping of which you speak :)

  7. Awesome swatches! I just used the coupon to order her glow in the dark Halloween polishes and Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard Spock :)

  8. I don't know if I should thank you or be angry with you - I just bought 7 bottles of these amazing polishes! In all seriousness, thank you for the heads up on it. And my husband loves the Big Bang Theory-related names!