Friday, August 24, 2012

OPI - Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow Suede

Hey guys!

I was going to do a long post today with some layering but I decided to cut it down to show off this polish on its own. It's one of my favorites and it deserves its own post!

OPI - Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow Suede
Finally, I have completed my collection of the OPI Suede polishes! This was the last one I needed and it proved semi-difficult to find, but here it is!

The formula of the OPI Suede polishes is just wonderful. They cover in two very smooth coats and dry lightning fast. Whenever I need to do a manicure and be out the door in 2 minutes, I go for a suede.

Not everyone is into the matte look, but I love it when the polishes have the suede texture. Flat matte, I don't love. But shimmery matte? Yes!

Love love. So happy to have this. If you don't have any OPI Suedes, what are you waiting for?! Go find some!

Tomorrow, I'm going to continue this post and show you what I layered on top.
It created a beautiful manicure... And a horrible aftermath. Stay tuned.


  1. Hiya! I was skeptical about the new suede look polishes because they look too 'dull'...but this one with the sparkles in it looks amazing. Mightttt have to pick one up. Can't wait to see what you do with the 'layered top' tomorrow :-)

  2. green + matt = love!
    This one is simply gorgeous!

  3. Oh this is gorgeous- you are seriously making me want to track down the Suedes now!

  4. I love how OPI did the Suedes. They're so gorgeous.

  5. Does anyone have any tips for making the suede/matte polishes last longer? I usually get a day and a half (if that) of good wear and then chips like crazy.

    1. One way that I can get mattes to last is to do a top coat sandwich. I use a base coat and then the color, then a shiny top coat and then the color over it again. That usually helps it stay for a while.

  6. I absolutely love the matte colors. China Glaze Stone Cold is one of my favorite polishes ever... and I love this green matte.

  7. Pretty, I love matte polishes and this is so unusual :-)

  8. I can't believe I had this polish in my hands and I left it in the store! I could kick myself, such gorgeous swatches!

  9. it's a beautiful polish! love it

  10. I absolutely adore matte and suede polishes!!! I am in the process of finding all the OPI ones, they are my favourites!!

    This looks so nice on you Rebecca!

  11. Aww! I love the color, it matches your skin tone very well. Really a MUST TRY!

  12. That is stunning!!! Wearing mattified nails myself right now ;) But yes the glowy kind ARE the best!!!

  13. It's stunning! Such a beautiful shade of green. I love suede finishes, they're so nice x

  14. I have all the suedes but not this one. I thought it would end up a major blackend green but not seeing that here in your photos at all...guess I need to find it and complete my suede collection. I found the suedes from OPI to be really complex when I top them with a shinny topper - but I do like most of them matte as well.

  15. i've not seen this colour one done before it looks really nice, i might have to get it for autumn!

  16. I have this polish, need to use it! SO GORGEOUS *-* But it's my only OPI suede, I want them all ._.

  17. I love the colour.
    I think the matte look is really nice :)

  18. So pretty1 I haven't got this one but I do have Revlon Emerald City which is in a similar vein! :)


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