Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lush Lacquer - Neon Blast ... Or... When Gorgeous Manicures Go HORRIBLY AWFUL

Okay. If you've read the title you'll know that this post is gonna be a complainy one.
I'm having a hard time writing it because I wanna complain but I also don't want to be a bitch right off the bat. Haha. 

So, first I'll show you this totally gorgeous manicure. And then the aftermath.

Lush Lacquer - Neon Blast
This is an indie polish from Lush Lacquer - a mother/daughter duo who sell their polishes on Etsy.
What I adore about their shop is that the polishes are always available for purchase and they make the orders as they get them - no stalking needed. I wish all sellers could do things that way!

I purchased four mini polishes from LL and this was the first one I tried out. The colors of glitter in this are just so awesome!
For this manicure I layered 2 coats of Neon Blast over OPI - Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow Suede which I posted about yesterday.
I added a coat of OPI - Yule Love This Silver (a super-fine holo glitter topcoat) on top for a little added sparkle.

JUST LOOK. So pretty!!!! Multiple exclamation points!!!!

I got so many compliments on this mani because it was just so sparkly and all the colors just looked awesome. A lot of people were asking me how I did it and couldn't believe it was just a few polishes!
I always seem to get that reaction when I layer a bunch of glitters. Haha!

I'm drooling. Really.

Ahhhhhhh. I've got to make some nail polish jewelery with this baby. It's stunning, right?

Now... I told you I had to be a complainer in this post. Here it comes.

This polish stained my nails unlike anything I have ever seen before.
Yes, glitter stained my nails. It seeped down through 2 coats of polish and a coat of base coat and stained my nails in little glitter-sized yellow polka dots.

Please excuse the awful photo but hey, it had to be done.
Imagine my horror as I was picking off my polish (it was a thick manicure - it peeled easy!) and was revealing all these little yellow stains.
There is nothing worse than enjoying a beautiful manicure for several days, only to remove it and be completely depressed by the staining left behind!

My nails were completely stain-free before this manicure.
The stains are so deep I can not buff them out and none of my other stain-removal attempts worked either.
It really makes me mad, too, because I adore the look of this polish and I hate that I will not be wearing it again. The stains are just too awful to deal with. 

This is not a one-polish-problem either - I had this happen to me twice in a row.
The manicure I wore after this one did the exact same thing, but with pink glitters. It was done by another indie polish, and I'm gonna show that tomorrow.
(The above photo was taken after both incidents so you can see the yellow and pink stains.)

I don't want this post to come off as anti-Lush Lacquer, because that's not how I feel.
I just feel a little weary of purchasing indie polishes when you don't know what to expect with glitter like this.

I definitely am more picky now when buying hand-made polishes because I don't want to buy pricey polishes, only to end up seriously disappointed. I regret most of the ones I've bought.

But like I said, this post isn't telling you not to ever buy Lush Lacquer (or other indie polishes) because they have created some beautiful polishes and they run a great store. I have other polishes from them that I am happy with.

I feel really bad for complaining but it has to be done. Stainy glitter sucks.

I haven't seen other people make this complaint but I can't be the only one this is happening to, right? Have you ever been stained by glitter?


  1. Are you sure it wasn't the OPI? That staining looks like a green polish stain. Awful looking isn't it? Have you tried a bleach solution?

    1. definitely not the OPI - i've worn it before without stains. plus, the glitter-shaped stains are the giveaway!!!

      i haven't used straight up bleach but i've used stuff with bleach in it. no go!

    2. I've used a mix that I made that worked really well when a green MAC polish stained my nails and skin. I mix some bleach and cuticle remover that has a thick gel like texture (I used Orly) and put it on my nails and let it sit for a bit. Now I suggest caution if you try this but it did work for me. Prepare to slap on some lotion/cream/oil after. Also, you may try those heavy duty callus remover gels. They have a high % of BHA and that may work. Poor nails!

    3. I've used that OPI several times and never had any staining.

  2. Oh crappppp! I hate staining, the only one so far that has stained my nails really badly was Rimmel's I <3 in Green Grass, it left me looking like I smoke 40 cigars a day. That's so disappointing!

  3. Oh man! I used Neon Blast over Essie No More Film and I didn't have that issue at all - I didn't pick it off though I used cotton balls and foil. Obviously since its an indie the formulas could be different so its hard to compare bottle to bottle. It looks pretty on though!!

    1. now i wanna wear it over No More Film! that sounds gorgeous.

  4. My nails have never been stained that badly before, but after wearing a teal color recently, they did have some staining. I scrubbed them with baking soda and a toothbrush and they looked perfect. Tried that?

  5. I've had the same thing happen to me from almost all of my Rainbow Honey glitters. They stain like crazy!

    1. RH is the culprit of my pink stains!! i'll post that tmorrow!

  6. It happened to me with one of the Rainbow Honey glitters also! But only the larger glitters left stains, and they were slightly pink dots on my nails. Nothing as bad as yours! D: What a pity, the manicure looked awesome!

    1. same with my large pink RH glitter ><

  7. manicure is awesome but nails suffer too much for beauty ;)

  8. Ugh, I hate it when this happens, so disappointing. I had a cheap shimmery polish leave me a mermaid tail shaped stain through a layer of basecoat, 2 coats of polish, and a layer of white polish :(

  9. Wow, that is the worst staining I've ever seen, I'm so sorry you have to deal with that! At first I thought that it must be the OPI that did it but you're right, it's totally in dots where the glitter was. My mind is blown that it could seep through the OPI and base coat AND stain your nails. Yikes.

  10. Ugh, hate when that happens! I wore Neon Blast over Urban Decay Miss T, but luckily didn't have any issues with staining - but it's happened from other Indie Brands.

  11. I had it happen with a chunky gold glitter from a cheap set (Bonita) I picked up at Ross. I had it over base coat and two coats of W&W Casting Call, and when I took it off I had little brown stains where the glitter had been. I was able to buff them out, but it was still super annoying!

  12. wow, i have 6 bottles of Lush Lacquer polish and haven't had any staining yet.

  13. Beautiful mani, but WOW on the staining, that is so strange! Did you use the foil method to remove by any chance? I find that when I use the foil method, since the pigments are sitting on my nails for longer periods of time that they are more prone to stain.

  14. I had the same issue with Sally Hansen Calypso Blue. I'm still attempting to get the yellow out. I hear Orly Cutique is a good stain remover/cuticle remover so I'm going to try that.

  15. I don't remember what polish it happened to me with, but I've had this happen before too!

  16. The only polish that stained my nails was a matte green from Orly, Viridian Vinyl =/

    I've bought some polishes from Lush Lacquer, hope that my nails don't get stained too i.i. I used their "salt'n'peppa" and nothing happened, thank God xD

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I agree with Kris, it looks like a green polish stain. Did you "dabble" the glitter on? The coat of glitter softens the layers of polish underneath and when you "dab" or push the glitter around with the brush you're pretty much pushing the color down through your base right onto your nails.

    1. nope! i didn't dab the glitter. and i've worn it before without stains so i know it was the glitter that caused it. the little circles on my nails were just too precise to not be the glitter!

  19. Ow such a bad thing, this layering was really perfect!

  20. hhhmmm that's bad. I have this one but haven't worn it yet. However, most of my polishes only last about a day on my nails, so maybe the staining came from prolonged wear? Don't know, but so annoying - especially when it makes you feel you can't wear a polish again x

  21. wow that mani is sooooo pretty! its too bad about the staining :(

  22. My recipe - make a thick paste using: 1 tea spoon 20 volume peroxide, 1" whitening tooth paste, 2 1/4 tea spoons baking soda and few drops of lemon juice. Leave paste on nails for 5 minutes.

  23. Fortunately I have not had glitter staining problems, but I feel like you do with the regret of indie purchases. Some have been a total bust. My rule is to not buy without a swatch first! Thankfully, it has helped a bit :). Better luck next time, hon!

  24. It may not just be the glitter. It may be the combination of certain polishes and glitter that made it so. The BC allowed the stain to seep, so it is possible there was some kind of reaction. Why don't you try with another BC, and see what happens?

  25. i have used neon blast and a few of LL other and never had an issue. though i di use a thick coat of base coat on my nails and now i always us a coat of either PVA glue or essence peel off top coat. then i can peel off my mani in one go and it also creates a "plastic"barrier to stop staining

  26. I just tried Neon Blast! Also layered it over a green base (Essence Walk on the Wild Side)- gorgeous combo! Sorry to hear about the staining- I didn't notice that myself. Although one time I had the WORST ever stains from a Models Own polish (Dream Stream). Gorgeous blue, but it stained like crazy... I could chart the growth of my nails as the stain slowly grew out on its own. Probably won't ever wear it again because of that. Interestingly enough, another blogger had zero staining with the same polish. Maybe it depends on the person?

  27. Some time ago, I read about using washing soda with water to remove the stain on a dutch nail blog (you can see it here for the photo's maybe you can try it!

  28. OMG!!!!!! IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY THIS HAPPENED! We have sold almost 5,000 bottles of polish and have never heard of any staining! I agree with one of your followers that the staining could have been a reaction to your base coat! We always wear this polish w/ a color underneath it and have never had any staining with this polish or any of our other polishes. We would love to replace this polish with a new one!!! Please contact us directly through Etsy, as we feel horrible and would like to make you happy! :) It's too bad this happened because the polish combo you created is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
    Look forward to hearing from you!!

    Karin and Lexi from Lush Lacquer :)

  29. I haven't noticed staining from glitter but if the polish is like the blue on the left side of your blog--that will stain my nails. Every time, Any Brand. Just had a DL do it to me.

    I haven't tried out my Lush Lacquers yet, hoping they don't do this. I mean....I keep my nails done most of the time--and I am NOT minimizing how you feel about your nails. I guess I don't mind it so much (the psoriasis tho? ughhhhhhh esp since I know the "arthritis part" is not long off).

    2 things I use that *help* (but don't always eliminate) are the Sephora by OPI brightener and Butter London Nail Foundation. And I usually use 2 "bottom coats" for each mani.

    I do notice tho, if I peel a mani off, it really shows on my nail, rough, peeled almost--maybe the combo of the color plus slight damage to the nail is leaving it more porous? Just a thought.

    Good luck :(

  30. Oh, that suuuuucks. I feel your pain - I currently have bright yellow stained nails from Misa Go Greener - it's freaking horrendous and nothing will get it out. Sucks because it's a gorgeous polish that I'll never, ever wear again!

  31. Bonjour Rebecca,
    I don't know if this could help but maybe it worth a try for your next glitter mani; the Essence company in Australia sells a base called "Essence peel off base coat". I a white base that you let dry for 10 min. or until it turns transparent. When you decide to remove the glitter polish, you just peel it off as explained on this blog post:

    But... Thanks to the magic of the Internet and other nail bloggers, the said peel off base has the same composents of PVA glue, aka white crafting glue, Elmer's Glue or good old LePage® Glue! Check this post from Lab Muffin:


    1. Hi! I've got a bottle of that on the way to me!! :D can't wait to try it out

    2. That is cool! I will stay posted for your review about it. Hugs! XXX


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