Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nail-Venturous - Girly Girl

Good morning! Actually, it is not really a good morning, because I planned on sleeping in today.. But I woke up at 5am. The crack of dawn!
I've spent my morning trying to be productive so here is an early blog post for your viewing pleasure.

Nail-Venturous - Girly Girl
Today I'm showing you one of my most favorite polishes. It is a favorite of mine not only because it is freakin' adorable but also because I love the girl who made it!
Amy from I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous makes some of the best hand-made/indie polishes, and I am so happy to own some of them.

Girly Girl is a light pinky-purple base with lots of yummy glitter inside. It's so delicate but also super interesting!

I got so many compliments on my nails while wearing this polish. People couldn't believe that it was just a nail polish! I spent a lot of time trying to explain that it was glitter in a milky base. Haha.
(I didn't even bother trying to tell most people that it was hand-made. Didn't wanna confuse too many people.)

I'm definitely a girly girl when it comes to nails, and this polish is just perfect for me!
Thank you so much Amy for this polish!

Speaking of being a girly girl... I am also a girly girl when it comes to shoes. Check out the ones I just got in the mail yesterday...

OMFG. Right?!
This calls for a matching mani...


  1. THOSE TOMS. DUDE. Those are awesome!

    I'm glad you made an early morning post cause I'm awake at 4am and I enjoyed seeing something new this early haha. That polish is so pretty, it reminds me to a cute girly robin's egg.

  2. That. Polish. Is. To. Die. For ! Omg, why don't I have this one yet ?

  3. You should totally make a shoe-matching mani : D

  4. Love it at all.. cause my favourite color is purple all kinds of.. :)
    I want it!

  5. Love the polish, and those shoes!! OMG! I just brought some toms too :)

  6. Super pretty, thanks for the swatch! Cute shoes too!

  7. those are insane Toms!!

  8. ZOMGS! Super Cute Shoes FTW! I think you and I have alot in common when it comes to polish and bright sparkly things :)

    I can't wait to see the matchy mani!

    Lovely polish, lovely nails!!!

  9. i have to purchase this polish... i love purple and glitter! thanks for this amazing swatches!

  10. love it! and the toms! buying them asap! lol

  11. Those shoes remind me of Orly Bubbly Bombshell. I wonder how they match.

  12. Love the polish! So much so that I went to Amy's site to buy it but couldn't find it! (so sad)

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