Sunday, August 12, 2012

Glitter Gal Duochrome Collection - Warped Teal & Twisted Jealousy

Hey everyone! First of all - thanks for all the well wishes in the last week or two. I appreciate it more than you know!
I'm starting to feel better and hoping to be able to recommit myself to posting every day because I miss sharing my polish adventures with you all on a daily basis.

To hopefully get my blog a-rollin' again, I'll be doing three posts showcasing the brand new Duochrome Collection from Glitter Gal!

Mmmm, look at those pretty bottles...
This collection consists of six sheer duochrome polishes, all best worn over black or other dark colors to show the true beauty!
As well, I just read that these polishes are "5 Free!" They contain no TFR, Camphor, Formaldehyde, DPB or Toluene. Pretty cool!

I decided to post these polishes in pairs because it would just be too much to post all at once! Each polish deserves a bunch of photos.

These polishes come in the new large 15mL bottles from GGal. I love the bottles because they are very sturdy and the brush is also quite lovely. No complaints.
Each bottle also comes in a nice little box! Makes it feel more special when it has its own box, right?

I'm gonna start out today with my favorite one!

Glitter Gal - Warped Teal
Are you surprised that the teal is my favorite? Didn't think so!

Yes, that's the same polish in both photos. This baby has many different faces.

This is two coats of Warped Teal over black. In some lights it is a shimmery green and then you turn your hand and it is like a blue/teal/green metallic! It's crazy.
It's hard to really say much about the polish because the pictures have to do the talking!

So stinkin' pretty, right?

Love love love. I totally recommend picking up this one because it is just so interesting and duochromatic and lovely. It's a winner!

And now for the second polish from the collection...

Glitter Gal - Twisted Jealousy
To follow my favorite polish, I am showing you my least favorite of the bunch.

Don't get me wrong - this polish is still great, but the colors just aren't something I would reach for.

Twisted Jealousy is an intense shimmery green that has a brown duochrome! It is a very interesting combo and I don't think I've ever seen anything like it!

Like I said - it's beautiful, but not my kinda colors. If you like greens and browns and earthy hues, this one would be perfect for you!

Two down, four to go! I hope you guys enjoy seeing these swatches because I had fun doing them.

These polishes retail for $17.50 AUD/$17.95 USD and you can buy them from Glitter Gal directly or on Ninja Polish!
And don't forget to check out Glitter Gal on Facebook, because they just posted some teasers of upcoming polishes! (And yes, there is one called Rebecca!! We will pretend they named it after me. Obvi.)

See you tomorrow with two more pretties!

Product provided for honest review.


  1. I love both of them! The brown and green is unique for sure! Beautiful swatches, too! I can't wait to see the rest!

  2. wow these are so pretty! and i just love the bottles! great swatches

  3. glad you are back! These are gorgeous! I actually like Twisted Jealousy the best out if these two, but I dig earth tones :) Thanks for the beautiful swatches. I can't wait to see he other four!

  4. These are super pretty but so far I can't convince myself to spend $18 plus international shipping on a polish :(

  5. These do look lovely! :) The price not so much for me :(

  6. Whoa! That is serious duochrome loveliness. I wish these polishes were a bit more affordable or I would stock up on them.

  7. these are absolutely gorgeous! i want them all!!! your nails look beautiful too!


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