Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lush Lacquer - Pink Panther

I feel bad for the indie hatin' I've been doing this week so today I have a happy indie post for your viewing pleasure!

Lush Lacquer - Pink Panther
This is two easy coats of glitter over OPI - Dim Sum Plum.

I don't think I chose the best undies for this polish, I should have gone with a brighter shade, but I love the glitter!
And I am so pleased to report that none of these glitters are the staining kind.
I don't think matte glitters like these would be stain-prone.

I had no application issues with the polish and the mini bottles/brushes from Lush Lacquer are not problematic at all! Like I said in my last post about LL, their shop is always open and you can purchase their polishes when you like! Which is totally awesome because I hate trying to snatch polishes in indie sales. Too difficult. I'm too slow. Good job, LL! Click here to go to their shop.

I changed this mani today and as I was doing so, I spotted my new bottle of Essie - Haute As Hello sitting on my table and wanted to see what it would look like with Pink Panther! So I tried it out on one nail...

Adorb! I might end up putting this on all my nails before the night is out...
I like the pops of pink mixed with the black and white! I bet this would look great over a mint green, too. Must try that next...

I feel better now! I like indies when they like me back! Don't hate me, indie-world!


  1. This is adorable, and I actually think the unders you picked was a great choice - I like something somewhat contrast-y when using glitters so you can really see whats in there.

  2. Love this! Looks great with any color!

  3. I love it more over the Essie but I think it would look awesome over mint green!

  4. Oh I love it over Essie!! It's so pretty! This has been on my list for a while but been holding back coz of the shipping cost to Canada -_-

  5. These colors are the perfect pair! I've had my eye on Dim Sum Plum for ages haha

  6. love! i am currently wearing lush lacquer's mr. bubble. it's an adorable matte glitter polish.

  7. I used it over gray and it looked great. The pink really popped.

  8. I love my Pink Panther over Sally Hansen's Celeb City. It really does pop with silver undies.

  9. Gorgeous combination, I really love it!


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