Monday, August 27, 2012

Rainbow Honey - Pinkie Promise

Good afternoon! This post comes to you from a very annoyed Rebecca - there is construction going on on my street and there are about 15 big noisy stupid trucks and steamrollers going up and down and beeping and groaning and OMG I'm going nuts. They woke me up at 7am! And they are so loud I can't even take an afternoon nap to make back my sleep! Ah!
Construction, I hate you.

Today I'll be showing you another indie polish, this time from Rainbow Honey.

Rainbow Honey is an indie brand that doesn't really seem like an indie brand, their polishes and packaging are very professional! I love the effort that goes into these polishes, the bottles are so cute and the boxes are cuter!
I purchased three mini polishes from RH after seeing many beautiful swatches.

My disenchantment with indie polish continues though, and I'm not really stoked on these.

Rainbow Honey - Pinkie Promise
This is a pink shimmery base with lots of glitter. I love the way it looks!

Buuut, I don't really love the way it applies. The brush for these mini bottles is far, far too small. I'm not usually one to complain about mini brushes because they don't bother me but this one is just too small. The brush doesn't get far enough into the polish bottles to use it easily or comfortably.
I had to apply three coats of glitter to get enough on the nail to be satisfied.

I layered this polish over China Glaze Dance Baby, one of my favorite pink cremes.
Dance Baby is not a polish that stains. But with this on top... I got stained.
Return of the staining indies.

The large pink glitters from this polish stain your nails, they seep down through the base coat and leave horrible pink patchy stains that are very deep.

In my last post, I discussed how this happened to me with a Lush Lacquer, and no one had the same problem with LL but people did bring up Rainbow Honey doing this to them. And I've seen other people post about this one doing it before, too.
So I know in this case, I am not the only one having glitter staining problems.

That's the thing with handmade polish, you just can't be sure of what you're getting, and I feel like a bitch for complaining about it but hey, I think it's better for me to be honest than to sugarcoat it.

I'm just so annoyed that these polishes cost so much money and end up being a waste.
Oh well. I'll have to be more careful in the future with my indie purchases!

BUT. Never fear, not all indies are problematic. I have swatches of some nice ones coming up this week!


  1. I love the packaging with RH and I've (luckily) not had any staining issues. But I didn't try this polish.

  2. I just bit the bullet and bought a couple of these last week for the first time trying this brand, hoping I don't have the same problem with these as you did.
    I have never had any staining issues with even one Indie I've used, I'm sorry you are having so many struggles with them, but I agree that there's no point in sugar coating it, honesty is always the best policy!

  3. I am the owner of 5 RH polishes. I couldn't help but purchase them. Maybe its the cute packaging.....the fact that they were based off of MLP? I dunno! They look totally awesome in the bottle. BUT, then applying them, I'm kinda like "eh" about them. I do actually love The Worst Possible Thing though.

    Like I complained about yesterday, 4 out of the 5 colors I have stain like crazy. One being this one your showing today which stained my nails pink, one was Hoof Wrassle which staned it orange and the other two TWPT and A Little Kindness which both staned my nails yellow...yuck! I found the formula on on all 5 to be horrible. It was like applying a melted glue stick to my nails. Gross!

    And yes, the mini bottles suck! Are they cute? Yes, but man that brush sucks!

    I didn't sugar coat it ether on my blog. I was not at all satisfied with my purchase. BUT I do want to keep them, just to look at them in their pretty little bottles (cause I really do love the way they look in the bottle). lol!

  4. Thanks for showing this Rebecca. I have been thinking about trying some of the minis from RH but my nails are already stained from other polishes and I am still trying to get rid of tat staining. The last thing I need is more staining.

  5. Oh man... I'm on the RH website and considering buying just in hopes my nails are somehow impervious to stains, but definitely doubling (tripling?) up on base coat. Thanks for the honesty!

  6. Oh my! I didn't know RH polishes stained that bad! How long did you have them on for?

    I got the whole Equestria Collection hand have tried 4 of them so far (TWPT, Hoof Wrassle (pedi for 2 weeks), Element of Magic and A Little Kindness). I layered all of them over base colors and didn't notice any additional staining on my fingernails. For my pedi, I layered Hoof Wrassle over a SH creme and there was no staining too.

  7. Wow. Im shocked you've had such bad staining! I own the entire Equestria collection, and not a one stained my nails. FYI, I agree, the mini bottles are ridiculous. Thankfully, I only ordered a mini of one color! The full size bottles & brush are perfection!

    I wonder...could the staining be caused by personal chemistry? Like perfume?

  8. Us aussies over at Aussie Nails on FB have solved the whole staining issue! put a coat of pva glue on your nails before painting them. not only does it protect your nails it is then a peel off base coat which stops the use of foils and acetone at the end when you want to get rid of your mani. i just peen off my nails in the shower!!! i have been doing this for a little while now and not one of my LL have stained and even my pinkie promise did not stain!

  9. I haven't had issues with any of my LL polishes either. I did make a hot pink holo polish and it had chipped off a bit and I thought my nails were stained badly like yours but it was just stained base coat. I use Orly Bonder for my base. Maybe a different base coat would help eliminate the staining. Just an idea.

  10. wow they don't look like indies at all! that's really too bad about the staining though :(

  11. I really like that you are posting about these indies that stain. I think sometimes Indie Polishes are just doing it for the $$$ and not for the love of creating something for others, hence the way they "cut corners" and jack up the prices. Truthfully, I won't be purchasing any RH polishes because I definitely do not want any staining from them!

  12. I own pinkie promise and I've layered it over many different brands of polish and no staining. What base coat do you use? I use opi nail envy. Maybe that's the issue???

  13. Did you try to use a cleansing file to "buff the colour off"?
    I had some issues with RH's Mare of the Moon, BUT I did not use a base coat and dark blue polishes do stain like hell, that's a fact. AND my nails were stained blue after taking it of a couple of days later, the blue stains were easy to remove. I just buffed (?) it off and the blue was gone, no yellow stains remained.

  14. I got the minis as well and when I saw the cap to brush ratio I was so disappointed. The brush needs to be much much longer!