Thursday, August 30, 2012

glitter NOTD

Good evening everyone!
I almost didn't bother to make a post today because I've been pretty busy, but then I realized I have about 100 things just sitting around waiting to be posted (okay, maybe more like 20) so I decided to just do a quick NOTD post!
(NOTD meaning Nail of the Day for those of you unfamiliar with the term!)

This is just a quick accent nail mani I wore a few weeks ago using two of the Milani One Coat Glitters.
I adore these glitters, but I have a hard time getting them to stay on my nails for longer than a day!
I layered them over coordinating polishes to try and get them to last longer but that didn't really work. Still chippy. Oh well! They look fantastic while they last. (The purple especially!!)

The purple is Milani - Purple Gleam over China Glaze - Flying Dragon.
The blue is Milani - Blue Flash over China Glaze - Blue Sparrow.

I love how the glitters have several shades of glitter, it makes them really interesting. And the formula is awesome! They don't quite cover in one coat as the collection name suggests but you only need two.
Oh, and be sure to apply lots of topcoat, because they sure like to eat it up.

Okay, that's all! Have a lovely evening!


  1. Such pretty colors and your hands look so pretty

  2. LOVE it! I have Purple Gleam and Silver Dazzle and I have been wondering how I want to wear them next. This is it. Looks fantabulous on you!

  3. I have Blue Flash and never knew how awesomesauce the purple one was! Now that I have the peel off basecoat trick I'm definitely getting it :D

  4. That's a fantastic glitter mani, I love it.

  5. Very pretty, I love how glitter is changing those China Glaze polishes.

  6. I bet you would really like Petities - Craze! It may have better wear. It's a super awesome bright purple with TONS of glitter, I can't stop staring at it! I layered it over a coordinating color too and AH! It's just so awesome! I hope if you search for the polish you find it and like it =]

  7. I LOVE the color combinaton you went with. Anything purple is good in my book. :0)

  8. I really love these two colours together! So nice for Fall, it looks rich and deep! Like royal colours!

  9. Love this combo. These colors just work perfectly together!

  10. love both of these colours and together they look just fab!